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Best Art Museums In Seattle

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Best Art Museums In Seattle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seattle has a rich and varied history. it is a cultural mecca and the city even has buildings that could easily qualify as works of art. The art museums are well worth a trip just to see them.\n

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Seattle Art Museum

Seattle is a major tourist centre in the state of Washington of United States of America. It is the fastest

growing among the cities of Washington and Pacific Northwest region of North America. Seattle is a seat

of king county of Washington State. It is the 8th largest port in the United States which is a major trade

pin between US and Asian countries. The city gets more than a million and half of footfalls of visitors

every year. One of its key attractions is the Seattle Art Museum, commonly known as “SAM”. SAM

always gives accessible, engaging, and timely programs to connect art and people in meaningful ways.

SAM strives to connect audience through exhibitions and award winning displays and programmes. All

of its programmes are oriented global culturally and are the assets of particular geography. Art is a

manner of connecting human tradition and culture and its programmes uphold this core value every

time. This crital significance to culture is successfully filled through this community space of art.

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) connects art to life. Through art, the Seattle Art Museum enriches lives

and engages diverse communities. As the leading visual art institution in the Pacific Northwest, SAM

draws on its global collections, powerful exhibitions, and dynamic programs to provide unique

educational resources benefiting the Seattle region, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond. SAM is one

museum in three locations: the Seattle Art Museum downtown, the Asian Art Museum in Volunteer

Park, and the Olympic Sculpture Park on the downtown waterfront

SAM features three major facilities- Main museum in downtown Seattle, the Seattle Asian Art Museum

(fondly termed SAAM) in Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill, and the Olympic Sculpture Park on the central

Seattle waterfront. First Thursday of each month allows everyone for a free entry; entry to sculpture

park is always free. The SAM collection has increased from 1,926 pieces in 1933 to nearly 25,000 by

2008. Sam has a present facility of 312 thousand sq ft excluding a 9 acre park.

Among the displays, works of Jacob Lawrence and Mark Tobey, Leonardo Da Vinci, European paintings

and sculptures from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, exhibits of works of Van Gogh –are some of the

notable exhibitions from past events. Early Italian paintings by Bartolomeo Vivarini, Dalmasio

Scannabecchi, Giovanni di Paolo, Luca Di Tomme, Paolo Uccello and Puccio di Simone are worth

spending time to observe. SAM's collections of ethnic and modern art are note-worthy, but the museum

feeds itself on travelling exhibitions since its collection of more-traditional European sculptures and

paintings are low. These travelling exhibitions fill the existing void. There is an appreciable collection of

Aboriginal Australian Art as well.

Seattle Art Museum receives funding from government (4%), ticket fees and membership fees. It has

two libraries called Dorothy Stimson Bullitt Library and the McCaw Foundation Library of Art. Dorothy

Stimson Bullitt Library (1991) contains more than 20 thousand books and been subscribed to more than

100 periodicals mostly concerned with modern art, contemporary art, European art, African art and


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