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The Hero’s Journey PowerPoint Presentation
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The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey

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The Hero’s Journey

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  1. The Hero’s Journey

  2. What is a Hero? • Character who is brave • Selfless – Risk taker • Demigod – offspring of a God and Mortal

  3. A Hero A person who undertakes a journey and is changed in the process.

  4. Stages of the Journey

  5. Departure Journey Return The hero leaves on his or her journey. The adventures and obstacles the hero faces. The hero returns to a normal life but is changed. 3 Stages of the Journey

  6. Spiderman Peter realizes that he has special powers and begins to use them in NYC. The Lion King Simba’s dad is killed and he runs away. Departure

  7. Spiderman Learning to control power Learning to do what’s right Fighting the Green Goblin Journey

  8. The Lion King Simba meets Timon and Pumba He grows up and decides to return to Pride Rock Fights his uncle Journey

  9. Spiderman Saves NYC Learns to live as Peter and Spiderman The Lion King King of the Lions Grows up Has a baby Return

  10. Departure Stage Call to Adventure Refusal of Call Meeting Allies & Mentors Departure Crossing Threshold

  11. Shrek has to go to meet the king to save his swamp. Hagrid arrives at the Dursley’s to get Harry Potter. Stages of Departure Call to Adventure Hero gets the idea to go

  12. Refusal of Call The hero or someone close says “no” Shrek says “NO way!” Aunt Petunia says Harry can’t go Stages of Departure

  13. Departure The hero leaves on the journey Shrek leaves anyway Hagrid and Harry leave anyway Stages of Departure

  14. Meeting Allies and Mentors The hero meets allies and mentors Shrek meets Donkey and takes him on the journey Harry meets Ron and Hermione Stages of Departure

  15. Crossing of Threshold The point of no return Shrek and Donkey enter the land of Lord Farquot The Sorting Hat puts him in Gryffindor House Stages of Departure

  16. Journey Stage Journey Trials and Obstacles Final Confrontation

  17. Journey The adventures and obstacles the hero overcomes Shrek travels to save Fiona Harry travels down to the basement of Hogwarts Castle Stages of the Journey

  18. Trials and Obstacles The things the hero must overcome to complete the journey Shrek must overcome the dragon, the long journey, the dangerous castle. Harry must defeat the plant, win the chess game and get the key Stages of the Journey

  19. Final Confrontation The final confrontation between hero and “other” Shrek fights Lord Farquot at the wedding Harry Fights Professor Quirrell Stages of the Journey

  20. Return Stage Return to Normal Life Reward Master of Two Worlds Freedom to Live

  21. Reward What the hero gets for completing the journey Shrek gets Fiona Harry gets candy, treats, gratitude and house points Stages of the Return

  22. Return to Normal Life The hero returns home but is changed Shrek returns to the swamp, but now is in love. Harry goes back to the Dursley’s but is more confident. Stages of the Return

  23. Master of Two Worlds The hero now has the ability to live in two worlds / ways Shrek is both an Ogre and married to a Princess Harry is a wizard and a muggle Stages of the Return

  24. Freedom To Live The hero’s journey allows him to live with new freedom The swamp is Shrek’s forever more Voldemort has been defeated again Stages of the Return

  25. The Myth Common Elements and Characters of Myths and Heroic Stories

  26. What is a Myth? • A story that explains why things are the way they are. • Myths are not true or false. • Simply an explanation.

  27. Two Worlds Two different ways of being or living. Harry Potter #6 Wizard Muggle Elements of Myth

  28. Mentor Teacher who provides hero with the information necessary to complete the journey Dumbledore Elements of Myth

  29. Allies Friends who accompany the hero on the journey and help him/her along the way Hermione and Ron Elements of Myth

  30. The Prophesy Sphere Professor Trelawney Oracle Someone or something who tells a prophesy Elements of Myth

  31. Elements of Myth Either Voldemort will kill Harry or Harry will kill Voldemort Prophesy A prediction about the future

  32. Elements of Myth Professor Snape “Shape Shifter” A person the hero knows but may or may not really know where their loyalties lie

  33. Elements of Myth Hedwig, Crookshanks, Dobby Animal Familiar An animal or animal-like thing that accompanies and helps the hero on the journey

  34. Tragedy