columbian exchange n.
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Columbian Exchange

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Columbian Exchange. Miss Bonner. Do Now: EQ What was the Columbian Exchange?. Write the following term and definition in the white non-lined space on page .

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do now eq what was the columbian exchange
Do Now: EQ What was the Columbian Exchange?
  • Write the following term and definition in the white non-lined space on page .
  • Columbian Exchange: Widespread exchange of plants, animals and disease b/t European and American societies. Began with the voyages of Christopher Columbus.
underneath your do now
Underneath Your Do Now:
  • Using a pencil, make a T-chart on page
  • Title one side of the chart “Old World” and the other side of the chart “New World. As you see the item, please put it under the column that you believe it is from.
  • We will review after the last item.
the effects
The Effects:
  • Please make two boxes with three bullet points in each.
  • Title one Box Immediate effects and the other box Long-Term effects.
exit card what s for dinner
Exit Card: What’s for Dinner?
  • Look at the restaurant meal description that you received. With a partner at your table, dissect the meal and put all the items into “Old World” and “New World”.
  • At the bottom of the page make sure that you do it for each part of the meal appetizer, main course, and dessert.