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Addiction Treatment Chemical Dependency Chemical Dependency PowerPoint Presentation
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Addiction Treatment Chemical Dependency Chemical Dependency

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Addiction Treatment Chemical Dependency Chemical Dependency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Founded in 1993, Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center is a treatment facility that provides specialized programs for addiction treatment. This Alcohol rehab center has been effectively treating, for more than 15 years, male and female patients with alcohol and drug dependencies.

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addiction treatment

Addiction Treatment

Visit an established Addiction Recovery Center

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

An addict feels lonely and hopeless when it comes to getting help to get rid of a particular addiction or dependency

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

To treat addiction effectively, both the support of family and a specialized treatment facility are very important

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

An established addiction treatment center helps in complete recovery with patient specific treatment programs

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

a treatment program can only be successful
A treatment program can only be successful

If the recovery center has qualified & experienced staff that understands the requirements of the patient.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

Palmetto Recovery Center has more than 15 years of experience in treating addiction and dependency of both male and female patients

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center


At Palmetto Recovery Center, it is believed that addiction can be managed though emotive therapy, cognitive restructuring, education and the experience of learning to live an addiction free happy life.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

With proper care and adherence to the treatment programs at this facility, people return to their normal life fitter and lively than before

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

get treated and feel the difference in your life
Get treated and feel the difference in your life

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center


Visit our website now: orContact us at:Palmetto Addiction Recovery86 Palmetto RoadRayville LA 71269-6415United States(318) 728-2970