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Contamination Control Breathers for Enclosed Fluid Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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Contamination Control Breathers for Enclosed Fluid Systems

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Contamination Control Breathers for Enclosed Fluid Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Contamination Control Breathers for Enclosed Fluid Systems. Air Sentry® Breathers · 930 Whitmore Drive · Rockwall, TX 75087 · 800-699-8631 · The Standard for Breather Excellence™. The Problem…. Harmful Contaminants. Component Wear. Fluid Degradation. Equipment Failure.

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Presentation Transcript

Contamination Control Breathers


Enclosed Fluid Systems

Air Sentry® Breathers · 930 Whitmore Drive · Rockwall, TX 75087 · 800-699-8631 ·

the problem
The Problem…

Harmful Contaminants

Component Wear

Fluid Degradation

Equipment Failure

Rust and Oxidation

without air sentry
Without Air Sentry®
  • Condensation
  • Rust
  • Oxidation
  • Particulates
  • Sludge
  • Corrosion
the solution
The Solution…

Remove Water Vapor

Remove Fumes and Odors

Improve Performance

Reduce Maintenance

Filter Particulates

the design
The Design...

Bi-Directional Airflow

Durable Construction

Triple Filter System

Color Indicator

Safety Sealed

Click Image to See Animation

the results
The Results…

Longer Fluid Life

Reduced Contaminants

Longer Service Life

Reduced Downtime

air sentry d series breathers
Air Sentry® D-Series Breathers

Air Sentry® D-Series Breathers are designed for most hydraulic tanks, reservoirs, transformers and gearboxes. They easily replace standard breather caps or vent systems.

Model D-102

d 108 d 109
D-108 & D-109

The Airflow Workhorses of the Air Sentry® line, the D-108 and D-109 Breathers are designed for applications with airflow requirements of up to 250 cfm (equivalent of 1875 gallons per minute of fluid volume change).

z series mini breathers
Z-Series Mini Breathers

The Mini Breather line was designed for applications where space is limited, or airflow is minimal (10 cfm or less). Applications include gearboxes and small hydraulic reservoirs.


Steel Breathers (M-Series)

Steel Breathers were designed for the most severe environments and are made of heavy duty industrial materials. The breathers are rechargeable – the silica gel bag filter is replaced by removing the hood. The 2-micron particle filter can be washed and reused.



R-Series Breathers

R-Series breathers were designed to withstand continuous vibration on railroad equipment. Since their introduction, they have gained acceptance in other industries where vibration is a concern.

Model R-102


X-Series Breathers

The X-Series Breather line was designed for extreme humidity. Ideal environments include paper mills, or anywhere that humid air is a problem.

Model X-102

Aluminum Extrusion, Forging & Rolling Mills

Hydraulic Systems

Gear Reducers

Storage tanks

Appliance Manufacturing

Hydraulic Presses

Gear Reducers

Air Systems



Vacuum Systems

Air exchange and control systems

Chemical & Petrochemical

Process systems

Lube Oil degassing and conditioning


Storage Tanks

Gear Reducers

Transport Tanks

Typical Industries & Applications

Pulp & Paper

Gear reducers

Hydraulic systems

Turbine Oil systems

Calander stack bearing oil systems

Steel Mills & Foundries

Hydraulic systems

Gear Reducers

Rolling Oil systems

Storage tanks

Typical Industries & Applications


Air Sentry® Breather on an Industrial Pump


Drag Case

Propel Gearboxes

Swing Gearboxes

Hoist Case

Air Sentry® Breather on Draglines and Cranes


Hydraulic Reservoirs

Air Sentry® Breather on Railroad Maintenance of Way Equipment


Air Sentry® Breather – Lubricant Drum


Air Sentry® Breather on a Compressor Intake


Air Sentry® Breathers Used on Reservoirs Outside at a Refinery


Air Sentry® Breathers on Distribution Transformers


Air Sentry® Breather Venting 8 Lubrication Drums


1999 Product of the Year Finalist

Air Sentry® Z-Series Contamination Control Breathers


2003 Product of the Year Finalist

Air Sentry® X-Series Contamination Control Breathers


Seventy-five percent…

…of all hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminated fluid. Most of these contaminants enter the fluid through the standard breather cap.

  • Keep dirt and moisture OUT of your fluids.
  • Extend your fluid life.
  • Reduce your maintenance costs.

Air Sentry® Contamination Control Breathers

A Complete Family of Products for every Application

The Cost of Contamination Control is Always Less than the Cost of Repair