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Why recycling metals leads to energy consumption?

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Why recycling metals leads to energy consumption? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recycling metals requires less energy as compared to mining new resources. There are few reasons to prove why recycling metals leads to energy consumption. It helps reduce costs and help conserve resources. \n

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Metals are easy to recycle and their processing can be done at several recycling centers around the country. Metal retains its value quite well even after recycling and most metals can be recycled many times with no change in their functions. Recycling metals helps protect the environment, reduces energy consumption and reduces the waste that ends up in landfills. Recycling metal requires less energy as compared to mining new resources. Mentioned below are few reasons why recycling metal leads to energy consumption.


The recycling industry has made a lot of cost savings by sustaining natural resources and energy. It helps make a positive impact on the environment. With each pound of the metal recycled, the aluminum industry conserves energy resources that are needed for producing 7.5 watts of electricity.


Recycling more metals can help reduce the strain on limited natural resources. Lesser energy is consumed for processing recycled metals as compared to mining ore and shaping it for use. Recycling metals can actually reduce energy consumption by 92%. The planet has limited resources and it is important to take steps to preserve these natural resources.


Apart from the environmental benefits, recycling metals also helps businesses reduce cost and generate revenue. Recycling centers are generally closer to centers of demand. This means that businesses have to spend less on transport to acquire recycled metals. Selling the scrap metal generated during manufacturing processes can help businesses generate additional revenue.