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Cooperatives Pathfinder PowerPoint Presentation
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Cooperatives Pathfinder

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Cooperatives Pathfinder - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cooperatives Pathfinder. Curriculum on How to Start a Cooperative Prepared by Cooperative Development Services August 2010. Click on each box on this diagram to view steps starting with IDEA

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Cooperatives Pathfinder

Curriculum on How to Start

a Cooperative

Prepared by

Cooperative Development Services

August 2010


Click on each box on this diagram to view steps starting with IDEA

For more information on co-operative development visit us at our Co-op Development website or contact the Cooperative Development Services team


You start with an idea:

  • A new product or service
  • A variation of an existing one
  • Share a common challenge or need
  • Perceive an opportunity of common interest
1 st assessment
  • Am I the only one interested in the cooperative project?
    • If yes how can I proceed to accomplish the cooperative project?
    • If not, how many are interested in the cooperative project?
  • What kind of business are we going to explore?
cooperative model
  • What is a Cooperative Model?
  • 1 member = 1 vote
  • Share profit and loss
  • Concern to the community
  • Be the boss of your business
  • Get the service that you would like to
  • Give the product that they would like to
  • Maximize the use report : member/cooperative (workers, producers, services)
business model
  • What is a Business Model?
  • The money is the owner: 1$=1vote
  • Limited concern to the community
  • Be the boss
  • Individual / business interest
  • Maximize individual profit
  • Export profit elsewhere
2 nd assessment


  • Assess skills available and matched to the business needs
  • Determine leadership capacities
  • Ask yourself “How far can the group mange the business”
  • Assess financial capacity
  • Act positively for a common goal.
  • Determine experience and knowledge


  • Review the originality of the idea
  • Clarify the nature of needs to be covered
  • Determine the skills needed
  • Determine potential profit for members and community
  • Estimate the cost involved
  • Determine capital required
  • Review regulations and policies
members meeting

This is a guide to what should occur at your member’s meeting:

  • Provide overview of the idea of the project
  • Discuss pre-feasibility result
  • Get more supporters involved
  • Show the benefit and the project’s cost (individual and community)
  • Form a steering committee (leader for the next steps to realize the project)
  • Get feedback
feasibility studies
  • Hire a consultant familiar with the cooperative model and the business areas
  • Get other professionals involved: (lawyers, accountant, ..)
  • Potential of success and answers “Can we do this business?”
  • Have an overview of the ins and outs of the business (cost, material, human resources, capital,…..)
  • Financial resources:
    • Feasibility Studies Program (MB)
    • Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Feasibility Studies Component (MB)
    • Cooperative Development Services team

Links that will assist you with the incorporation phase of starting your cooperative:

  • Incorporation phase
  • Instructions on how to incorporate
  • Instructions on the Articles of Incorporation
  • Other forms on Incorporation
  • Offering statement
  • Securities Commission
finance a co operative

Cooperatives may benefit form different financial programs and specific ones which include the following programs:

  • Canada/Manitoba Business Service Centre (CMBSC)
  • Business Start Program (BSP)
  • Canada Small Business Financing Program
  • Financial program (Industry Canada)
  • Steps to Growth Capital
  • The Canada Council for the Arts - Grant Programs Summary
  • Cooperative Development initiatives
  • The Cooperative Promotion Board
  • The Cooperative Loan and Loan Guarantee Board
  • Neighborhood alive
  • Jubilee Fund
governance matters

These are links that will assist you with governance of your cooperative:

  • The co-operatives Act
  • Regulations
  • By-laws
  • Responsibilities and duties of the board
  • Institute of governance
by laws

Samples of by-laws for different types of cooperatives:

  • Housing for profit
  • Housing not for profit
  • Without shares
  • With membership shares
  • Employment
  • Community services