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INNOVATION PODIUM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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INNOVATION PODIUM. NEXT SESSION. 03:00 - 03:30. SECURITY IN AIRPORT . Sardesai Shekhar , HONEYWELL BUILDING SOLUTIONS. Chandrashekhar Sardesai Regional Technology Director HBS - ME. Enhanced Security Surveillance Technologies for Airport – HDVM R500. Performance. Usability.

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03:00 - 03:30




Chandrashekhar Sardesai

Regional Technology Director HBS - ME

Enhanced Security Surveillance Technologies for Airport – HDVM R500

honeywell digital video manager r500


  • Usability
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500
  • IT compliance
  • Persistence of view
  • Cost reduction
  • Ease of troubleshooting

Security breaches or safety-related incidents can lead to injury, loss of revenue, loss of

assets, liability claims and higher

insurance premiums.

honeywell digital video manager r5001
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500

Video surveillance coupled with an integrated security solution can help manage these risks.


Reporting and diagnostics


The Honeywell Digital Video Manager™ Release 500 (DVM R500) puts smart video surveillance at your fingertips.


DVM R500

Smart Surveillance


honeywell digital video manager r5002
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500
  • DVM R500 is a scalable, digital closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance solution that helps to
  • increase operational efficiencies,
  • decrease lifecycle costs,
  • and
  • improve users’ decision-making
  • functionality.
honeywell digital video manager r5004
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500

The new DVM console delivers an agile navigation experience enabling a faster response to security event management that can provide increased operational efficiencies of up to30%

honeywell digital video manager r5005
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500

The new console utilises a flexible, multi-camera workspace

honeywell digital video manager r5006
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500

Synchronized and instant playback, and motion searching provides improved forensic analysis.

The DVM console empowers security operators to better manage threats, reduce reaction timeand help lessen the burden on patrolling resources.

The new Timeline with events, motion search, etc.

honeywell digital video manager r5007
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500

A more accurate and timely response to security incidents is available by way of a multi-level camera tree with built-in filter search capability.

honeywell digital video manager r5008
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500
  • Display up to 25 cameras at once
  • Live and recorded video together
  • Flexible workspace with overflow
  • Multiple layouts, customisable and flexible
  • Full drag and drop capability
  • Integration with DVM Multi-Monitor video wall
  • Full screen mode
  • Instant playback
  • Camera control
  • Annotation event feedback and more


honeywell digital video manager r5009
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500
  • Multi-level camera tree with built in filter search capability
  • Multiple camera collection views
  • Fast access to recently used cameras
  • Create user defined logical groups
  • Automatic creation based on EBI facility model
  • Group drag to workspace


honeywell digital video manager r50010
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500



Bring playhead to view

Jump to next recording

Instant playback

Return to live

search on playback
Search on Playback

ROIs can be adjusted for each camera to reduce false positives

Press Start Motion Search button to start searching.


DVM R500

Smart Surveillance

Reduced lifecycle costs through open standards support

honeywell digital video manager r50011
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500
  • DVM R500 employs an extraordinary approach to security management that can

reduce capital costs by as much as 20% when compared to a proprietary solution.

honeywell digital video manager r50012
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500

Designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, DVM R500 uses global open security standards to support a wide range of IP cameras and video encoders for enhanced interoperability and choice.

honeywell digital video manager r50014
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500
  • Expands to suit facility needs – from a
  • few to 1,000’s of cameras
  • High-availability architecture ideal for critical surveillance sites
  • Simple, intuitive operator User Interface
  • Seamlessly connects multiple systems into a single solution
  • Latest video encoding technology for efficient storage



Transforming data into actionable information promoting improved decision making and reduced manual analysis

  • DVM R500
  • Smart Surveillance
honeywell digital video manager r50015
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500
  • DVM R500 analyzes system operations and baselines, and can

reduce diagnostic response by up to 30%.

honeywell digital video manager r50017
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500
  • Reports
  • Diagnostics: Review disk utilization,
  • system performance & status
  • Auditing: Review operator & system activities
  • Data mining: Filter report contents based on chosen parameters
  • Scheduling: Schedule periodic reports & export to standard formats



Optimized enterprise-wide integrated protection, enhancing operational efficiency and business integrity

  • DVM R500
  • Smart Surveillance

DVM R500 enables a reduction in platform costs

through seamless integration with Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI).

honeywell ebi integrates dvm tightly
Honeywell EBI integrates DVM Tightly

Enterprise Buildings Integrator™ (EBI), is a modular platform that can be expanded to provide

centralised management of video data, access control, time and attendance, fire and life-safety, building control, and energy use.

honeywell digital video manager r50018
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500
  • The Camera Popup provides the following functionalities in addition to the standard functions of Honeywell DVM video player
    • Instant Playback
    • Play back at date and time
    • Switch to live video
    • Send to monitor
camera shape displaying camera in dvm console
Camera Shape – Displaying camera in DVM Console
  • Drag Camera Shape from Station Custom Display and drop to DVM Console workspace.


Drag and Drop

honeywell digital video manager r50019
Honeywell Digital Video Manager R500
  • Multiple levels of Redundancy:
  • Network/IT Redundancy
    • Redundant network paths
    • RAID storage, redundant PSU’s etc.
  • Redundant Database Servers
    • Database Servers available as a redundant pair
    • Databases continuously synchronized providing the Backup Database Server with the latest data
    • Backup assumes system control on failure of Preferred DB Server
  • Redundant Camera Servers
    • Promotes continuation of Surveillance operations in the event of:
      • Camera Server Failure
      • Planned network or server downtime
    • Vital if surveillance critical to operations
    • Maintains live view and recordings if a Camera Server fails
    • Operators can continue normal functions


salient points to remember
Salient Points to Remember
  • Motion Search on recordings
  • PTZ-activated recording
    • Control Level Groups and Reservation Changes
    • Image Blocking
    • Emergency mode
    • Blocked access to live, recorded and exported video
    • Protection of operator identification information
  • Non-Transcoded Export (NTE)
  • Honeywell Video Analytics Extensions
  • Extending DVM Console and Views layouts
  • Diagnostic Framework

DVM R500

  • Smart Surveillance