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King Kamehameha The Great PowerPoint Presentation
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King Kamehameha The Great

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King Kamehameha The Great
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King Kamehameha The Great

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  1. King Kamehameha The Great By Melvin

  2. Interesting Facts • He was born on the year 1758 and then died on the year of 1819. • He was so special because some of the kahuna’s know he was born in the 1758,the year when Halley’s comet made an appearance on the Hawaiian skies. • Also he was born somewhere in November in a stormy night.

  3. Interesting Facts • An ali’i named,‘Nae’ole picked up the baby Kamehameha and raised him to be a great chief. • The first monarch of the Hawaiian Monarchy. • His teacher named,’Kekuhaupi’o was a great warrior he thought Kamehameha things to concentrate on and to worked hard and to never give up on the things he does.

  4. More Interesting Facts • He want to prove he want to be a great warrior by saving his teacher from getting harmed. • He raised the Naha stone that which is nearly 5,000 pounds! And a prophecy states whoever raises the Naha Stone the person would conquer the whole Hawaiian Islands.

  5. More Interesting Facts • There were a visit with Captain Cook and King Kamehameha in the island of Hawaii and landed there for some water and resources. • In 1782 there were a battle with King Kamehameha and Kiwala’o, because people don’t like him dividing up the islands so this causes the war and now he wears the yellow cloak of feathers which belonged to Kiwala’o but know Kamehameha owns it by winning the war.

  6. More Interesting Facts • There were a rule of a Splintered Paddle because Kamehameha was hit so hard on the head the paddle broke and splintered! • Then the rule states if a person is down like a children, a mother or any person you can’t hit them or injure them even more.

  7. More Interesting Facts • He had a favorite wife called,’Ka’ahumanu’ • When Kamehameha fought in Oahu plenty people died because they fell off a cliff and when he won the war he ruled 6 of the islands. • Now King Kamehameha have to fight a war in Kaua’i and in Nii’hau but the war was cancelled because the warriors were ill they got to cancel.

  8. More Interesting Facts • Soon the islands were reunited and Kamehameha returned in Hawaii and soon have two children to train to be great chiefs as King Kamehameha the 2nd and the 3rd. • In 1794 the Hawaiian flag was now a part of their country because Captain Vancouver gave it to them to thank them of their help.

  9. The Last Interesting Facts • King Kamehameha died of illness and lived until the spring of 1819. • His last words was soon to be ’E’oni wale no ‘oukou I ku’u pono ‘a’ole e pau which means ‘Endless is the good I have given you to enjoy.’

  10. Resources And Pictures • The website was and by a biography book of King Kamehameha The Great by the Kamehameha schools press 1982.

  11. Any Questions? • Please Ask A Question