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Lullaby By: Nickelback

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Lullaby By: Nickelback - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lullaby By: Nickelback
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  1. LullabyBy: Nickelback By Jesse Robichaud

  2. THEME • The song lullaby is an example of the American dream through the problem of loosing his wife during the birth of their daughter, & problem of no happy family. • In the video it shows him throwing his life away due to the passing of his wife, his partner in life & process of being part of taking care of their child. • “A life of personal happiness & material comfort as traditionally sought by individuals in the US” And in the videos POV is a life of unhappiness • It may be a long time in the future, and even though life sucks now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel

  3. Intertextuality • The song is based on an personal experience in Chad & Mike Kroeger's childhood when they found their babysitter crying her eyes out as her boyfriend had died in a motorcycle accident. • Then in the video they show the father balling his eyes out over the picture of his wife, as he struggles through the progress with the baby.

  4. Subtext #1 with little Intonation • In this scene (right) they show the band in dark clothing in a darkened room with very little lighting. • In the other scene (below) they show him in darkness with little lighting due to the 24/7 job of taking care of a baby. • Both of the scenes show signs of Depression to show the impact on his life with the progress of parenthood.

  5. Subtexts #2 In the troubled minded person who’s thinking, what am I going to do now to get through his problem. For this scene he thinks about ADOPTION in order to get an solution.

  6. Subtext #3 In the scene shown it shows a solution to his life crisis through a photo of the wife/mother of a sign that she’ll be with them all the way through life even though she’s not visually seen with them through life, but virtually in their minds.

  7. Intonation • The dark colours used throughout the video show and describe the impact on the life of the father/husband due to depression. • In this final scene they have a bright background to show the happiness and victory of finding a solution to his life crisis, which also shows that he has another chance at life for this child.

  8. NO ADOPTION HERE!!!!!!!