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Megan Carolus

Megan Carolus

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Megan Carolus

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  1. Megan Carolus

  2. What is Spotify? Spotify is an on demand music site that allows you access to millions of different tracks and albums. The access to the music is live so there are no long buffering times. Access available for many different devices such as Mac, PC, smartphone, etc.

  3. Features Ability to create personalized playlists. Access to top 100 lists such as albums & tracks. Available on many mobile devices so you can take it with you wherever you go. Capacity to simply search for your favorite songs among a collection of millions. Provides biographies on many of your favorite artists and creates a list of related artists to expand your music tastes.

  4. How does it relate to Social Media? Spotify allows you to connect your account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Gives you the ability to share music with friends by sending your favorite songs right to their inbox. Allows you to see what your friends are listening to. Ability to create shared playlists with your friends.

  5. How does it relate to Social Media? Facebook and Spotify allow you to have a music dashboard that shows a real time ticker of what your friends are listening to. Allows you to create stories (posts) on Facebook that show what you have been listening to. Great for when you make a fantastic new discovery that you wish to share with your friends! If you want to share a specific song with your Twitter friends just put it in a tweet and send it out!

  6. Best Of All! A BASIC MEMBERSHIP IS FREE! To start just go to!

  7. For More Information Go to Leave a comment!