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How Can a Product Liability Attorney Help You? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Can a Product Liability Attorney Help You?

How Can a Product Liability Attorney Help You?

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How Can a Product Liability Attorney Help You?

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  1. How Can Product Liability Attorney Help You?

  2. It is not unusual for a commercially available product or prescription drug to be defective or even dangerous and result in product liability claims. Nearly any product under the right circumstances can become a hazard to the user or others. From food to baby furniture, fitness equipment and cars, the products we trust to be safe sometimes end up being a hazard to health or the cause of serious injuries, even death. If you or someone you love has been injured by a dangerous product, a Salt Lake City product liability attorney from Jardine Law Offices and can help.

  3. Dangerous products are ones that have a significant risk of injuring consumers when in use. Dangerous products are responsible for innumerable injuries every year and make up a large percentage of personal injury claims. TYPES OF DANGEROUS PRODUCTS

  4. Products that contain sharp edges or blades, particularly when the edges are hard to see ❖ Defective products that have been distributed to the general public ❖ Some types of dangerous products include: Products that reach high levels of heat, traveling speeds, or electricity voltages ❖ Products containing poison or toxins, such as toys or jewelry with lead ❖ Foods that have been tainted or expired ❖ Food items comprising harmful substances ❖ Illegal items or items with legal restrictions, such as illegal firearms or drugs ❖

  5. DETERMINING LIABILITY It can be difficult to determine liability in a product liability case. Often times, multiple parties can be involved. An investigation will have to be held to determine when and how the product became dangerous to use. Did the defect occur during manufacturing, or during the distribution process? Or is it a result of the consumer tampering with its design? These are questions an experienced product liability attorney will ask when examining your case.

  6. Don’t delay in filing your product liability claim. You have a right to collect monetary compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damages and other losses experienced due to a faulty or dangerous product. Contact a Salt Lake City product liability attorney now to schedule your no-obligation case consultation and get started with your claim. CONTACT A LEGAL ATTORNEY

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