W hat are the benefits of investing in tax lien certificate
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What are the benefits of investing in tax lien certificate? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tax liens are issued by the government in the form of Tax lien certificates to the investors. Investing in tax lien certificates is not complicated, but one should know the rules and procedures to get profit. The Government Tax lien Network is the best educational institution to learn about the tax lien investment in U.S. They will help to learn about all the techniques to invest in the tax lien certificates. To know more about our educational company, visit http://governmenttaxliennetwork.com/\n

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W hat are the benefits of investing in tax lien certificate

What are the benefits of investing in tax lien certificate?


  • Introduction

  • Tax Lien Certificate

  • Benefits

  • Risks

  • Conclusion


  • Tax lien is issued by the government when the property owner neglect to pay the taxes.

  • Tax lien is an lien imposed to the owners to secure the payment of taxes by law.

  • Many people invest on the Tax lien by buying the tax lien certificates in the auction of the property from the government.


  • Tax lien certificate are issued by the government to the investors when they win the auction of tax lien property.

  • This certificate has the first position from all the other mortgages lien like loans and other interests.

  • Thereby, investing in the tax lien certificate is very beneficial for the investors to make money.


  • Investment on the tax lien certificates has some benefits like they get the money of their investment with the interest on it of about 5-36%,in the period do 6 months to 3 years.

  • One should pay their tax lien first to any other encumbrances on the property, as it lies on the first position in debt .

  • And also the value of tax lien does not change or effect by the any economic crisis.

  • If the property owners fail to pay the invested amount with interest in this period, the investor get the full control on that invested property.


  • Investing in the tax lien certificate also have some risks.

  • The delinquent property may not be the worth of the investment.

  • Generally, property pays the debts in before the period completion.

  • The property owner may not be willing to pay the interest of the investment.


  • Investing in the tax lien certificate is not that much complicated.

  • One should have understand the procedures and analyses the risks involving in the investment and do the business in the tax lien.