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Summary of AWG-10. CJK- IMT28-016. HIROIKE , Akira ( [email protected] ). Plenary. Service and. Technology WG. Spectrum WG. Applications WG. ). (. WG. -. TECH. (. WG. -. SPEC. ). (. WG. -. S. &. A. ). Sub Working Groups. Task Groups. Task Groups.

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Summary of awg 10

Summary of AWG-10



([email protected])


Service and

Technology WG

Spectrum WG

Applications WG


















Sub Working Groups


Task Groups

Spectrum arrangement









Spectrum monitoring

Modern Satellite App


Aeronautical and


Task Groups

Sharing study on IMT



FSS in





AWG-10 Overview

  • Date: 22nd - 25th March 2011

  • Venue: Royal Orchid Sheraton, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Participants: Around 200 participants

    Note) ITU-R Regional Workshop on “IMT for Next Decade” was held in the same venue on March 21st.

  • AWG Structure:

Awg office bearers as of march 2011
AWG Office Bearers (as of March 2011)


Chair: Mr Sun (Huawei/P.R.China)

Vice chair : Dr Satoh (ARIB/Japan)

Vice chair : Ms Perera (Government of New Zealand)

WG-SPEC :Mr Lewis (AVA/New Zealand)

SWG on Spectrum Arrangement and Harmonization : Ms Zhu(MIIT/P.R.China)

SWG on Spectrum Monitoring : Mr Liu (MIIT/P.R.China)

TG on Sharing Study on IMT Systems : Ms Welch (Qualcomm International/Hong Kong)

TG on BWA : Dr Lim (Samsung/Republic of Korea)

TG on PPDR : Mr Bhatia (Motorola India)

TG on FSS Spectrum in 10-15 GHz Range : Mr Seow (SES World Skies/Singapore)

WG-TECH :Ms Song (Samsung/Republic of Korea)

TG on SRD : Mr Uno (ATR/Japan)

TG on IMT : Dr Atarashi (NTT DOCOMO/Japan)

TG on CRS and SDR : Dr Lang (CATR/P.R.China)

TG on ITS : Mr Oyama (Hitachi/Japan)

WG-S&A :Dr Agung (Telecom Indonesia)

TG on FMC: Dr Gunawan (Telecom Indonesia)

TG on Modern Satellite Applications: Ms Lee (Measat Satellite System/Malaysia)

TG on Radiocommunication Convergence : Mr Li (China Unicom/P.R.China)

TG on Aeronautical and Maritime Issues : Mr Gang (MIIT/P.R.China)

Note: Each WG/SWG/TG has chair person only.

Main Outcomes of WG-SPEC

  • New report on “Sharing and Compatibility Studies of GSM MCBTS (Multi-Carrier Base Stations) and Adjacent Systems in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz Bands in Asia Pacific”

    • Draft new report was finalized and approved by the AWG plenary.

  • Studies on User Equipment (UE) out-of-band emission levels and implementation issues relating to usage of the band 698-806 MHz by the Mobile Service, including IMT

    • Work on a Draft New Report that would capture results of these studies was initiated. Draft New Report will be finalized at AWG-11.

    • To assist the completion of the technical studies on UE out-of-band emission levels and the finalization of the Report, it was agreed to re-convene its technical correspondence group (CG) between AWG-10 and AWG-11.

    • It was also agreed that it would be beneficial if 3GPP were informed of the AWG studies relating to the development of UE out-of-band emission levels and the schedule/timeline for completion of these studies. 3GPP Individual Member companies participating in AWG will inform 3GPP of these AWG studies due to no document approval procedure defined for LS to 3GPP at this stage.

  • New report on “PPDR Applications using IMT-based Technologies and Networks”

    • Structure of the report was updated and finalized.

    • It was agreed that draft new report will be finalized at AWG-13.

    • LS to inform ASTAP of the latest work plan and etc. on PPDR was developed and sent to ASTAP.

Main Outcomes of WG-SPEC

  • New report on “Case Studies on Typical Radio Interference, their Causes and Solutions”

    • Working document was updated.

    • Draft new report will be finalized at AWG-11.

  • New report on “Spectrum Management and Monitoring during Major Events”

    • Working document was not updated due to no contribution received.

    • Draft new report will be finalized at AWG-11.

  • New report on “Studies in Addressing the Inefficiency Associated with the Asymmetry of Existing Unplanned FSS Uplink/Downlink Spectrum in the 10-15 GHz Band”

    • Working document was updated.

    • Work plan was reconsidered and it was decided that draft new report is to be finalized at AWG-13.

  • Work item for SWG on SA&H

    • Possible work items were discussed and identified as shown below.

      • To develop a [Recommendation/Report] on the common frequency bands for operation of short range devices

      • To develop arrangements for the use of5GHz bands on an unlicensed basis in line with decisions ofWRC-03 to meet the needs of private broadband systems

      • Possible development of harmonized frequency arrangements in806-894MHz band

    • Input contributions to AWG-11 on the topic for consideration are expected.

Main outcomes of wg tech
Main Outcomes of WG-TECH

  • Work on Future IMT NW

    • This work was initiated at AWF-9 and Questionnaire to gather information was sent out to APT countries after AWF-9.

    • Only two responses (P.R.China and Japan) were received between AWG-9 and AWG-10.

    • AWG-10 decided to re-send the same Questionnaire with notes for clarification.

    • Detailed review of received responses will be conducted at AWG-11.

    • Review of presentation materials used in ITU-R Regional Work Shop was conducted and the result of review was noted in the meeting report of TG-IMT. This will be utilized in developing the work plan on Future IMT NW in the next meeting.

  • Work on IMT technology

    • New study item proposals on Adaptive Antenna Systems, Convergence of RAN, and Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet) were received from Huawei and China Unicom at AWF-9. AWF-9 carried forward these study item proposals to AWG-10 for further considerations. Questionnaire on HetNet was sent out after AWF-9.

    • Based on discussions about carried forward documents and other input documents to AWG-10, it was agreed to initiate a new study item on the future development of IMT technologies. The scope of this study is not limited to above three technologies.

    • Related work plan and possible deliverable were discussed and agreed. APT report on this study will be finalized at AWG-13.

    • Responses to Questionnaire on HetNet received until AWG-10 were carried forward to AWG-11 for review.

Main outcomes of wg tech1
Main Outcomes of WG-TECH

  • Work on ITS

    • Draft new report on “The Usage of ITS in APT Countries” was finalized and approved by the AWG plenary.

    • It was confirmed that this new report needs to be updated based on additional information.

  • Work on SRD

    • ToR of TG SRD was updated based on contribution from TG SRD chairman.

    • Two work plans were developed to create the following deliverables;

      • Recommendation/Report on “The Common Frequency Bands for Operation of SRDs”

      • Report on “Status of Introduction, Application, Issues and Technology for SRDs”

    • Questionnaires asking for

      • Regulatory status for the frequency bands specified in the preliminary draft new Recommendation ITU-R SM.[SRD]

      • Status of introduction, application, issues and technology for short range devices

        were developed and approved to be sent out to APT countries

  • Work on CRS/SDR

    • Questionnaire on SDR & CRS was developed at AWF-9 to survey current status of service introduction/development and regulations. This was sent out to APT countries and the deadline of response submission was set to AWG-11.

    • Review of received responses was conducted at AWG-10.

    • Frame work of CRS/SDR Questionnaire report was discussed and agreed.

    • CRS/SDR Questionnaire report will be finalized at AWG-11.

Main outcomes of wg s a
Main Outcomes of WG-S&A

  • New report on “FMC Business Model”

    • Working document towards draft new report was updated. Some information obtained in reviewing responses to Questionnaire on Femtocell described below was added to working document.

    • Draft new report will be finalized at AWG-11.

  • Work on Femtocell

    • Questionnaire on Femtocell to gather information was sent out to APT countries after AWF-9.

    • Review of received responses was conducted at AWG-10.

    • Working document towards draft new survey report on Femtocell, as compilation of received responses, was developed.

    • Draft new survey report will be finalized at AWG-11.

  • New report on “Telecommunication-Broadcasting Convergence”

    • Working document towards draft new report was updated.

    • Draft new report will be finalized at AWG-12.

  • Work on Machine-to-Machine(M2M) Communication

    • New study item proposal on M2M Communication was presented and discussed at AWF-9 and Questionnaire was sent out to APT countries after AWF-9.

    • Review of received responses was conducted at AWG-10.

    • WG agreed to initiate the new work on M2M communication and a working document towards draft new report on “Machine-to-Machine Communications Applications and Developments” was developed.

    • Draft new report will be finalized at AWG-13.

Main outcomes of wg s a1
Main Outcomes of WG-S&A

  • Work on Modern Satellite Application

    • It was decided that TG-SAT has new task of developing

      • Survey report on:

        • future needs of broadband communications which could be satisfied by satellite applications;

        • characteristics, regulatory and technical requirements of broadband satellite implementation.

      • Report on the technical and operational studies for the efficient interoperability between satellite and terrestrial services in the area of disaster mitigation and relief.

        These two deliverables are to be finalized at AWG-14.

    • Questionnaire for survey report will be developed at AWG-11.

  • Work on Aeronautical and Maritime issues

    • Draft Opinion on “The Framework for the Use of Mobile Phones Onboard Vessels” was developed. This Opinion will be finalized at AWG-11.

    • Draft Guidelines on “Technical Conditions for the Use of Mobile Phones Onboard Vessels” was developed. This Guideline will be finalized at AWG-11.


  • General guideline on new study items

    • WG-TECH had discussions about general guideline on developing a new study item.

      • General Guideline on developing a new study item at AWG

        • When a new study item is initiated, each deliverable should be identified with a micro workplan which includes a responsible group, the document type, the scope, the purpose, timeline and etc.

        • Technical discussion in relevant external organizations need to be considered in order to avoid unnecessary overlapping of work

    • Closing plenary approved the above guideline proposed by WG-TECH.

    • It was agreed that this guideline will be incorporated into the working procedure of AWG in the future.

  • Next meeting

    • In closing plenary, APT secretariat tentatively announced that AWG-11 will be held during 11 - 14 October in Thailand.

    • As a result of coordination after AWG-10 to avoid schedule overlapping with other meeting, AWG-11 is likely to be held during 14 - 17 September in Thailand.