honors vocab set 3 n.
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Honors vocab. Set 3

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Honors vocab. Set 3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Honors vocab. Set 3. By sachin Jain block 6. Aptitude (n.). Definition: Ability to learn or understand quickly Synonym: potential Antonym: slow Sentence: Your aptitude for learning is enormous; you understand everything. Attentive (adj.).

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Honors vocab. Set 3

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honors vocab set 3

Honors vocab. Set 3

By sachin Jain block 6

aptitude n
Aptitude (n.)
  • Definition: Ability to learn or understand quickly
  • Synonym: potential
  • Antonym: slow
  • Sentence: Your aptitude for learning is enormous; you understand everything.
attentive adj
Attentive (adj.)
  • Definition: Give attention to something; also being considerate of others
  • Synonyms: observant
  • Antonyms: oblivious
  • Sentence: You’re such an attentive student because you always participate in class.
banish v
Banish (v.)
  • Definition: To force to leave a country or place; exile
  • Synonym: shun
  • Antonym: accept
  • Sentence: You’re banished for committing treason against the Kingdom of Morocco.
barricade n v
Barricade (n. + v.)
  • Definition (n.): A temporary structure put up to block passage; an obstacle or barrier.
  • Definition (v.): To block an opening or passage.
  • Synonym: wall
  • Antonym: opening
  • Sentence: To protect ourselves from the angry villagers, we built a barricade around the doors and windows.
gusto n
Gusto (n.)
  • Definition: Great enjoyment; zest.
  • Synonym: happiness
  • Antonym: boredom
  • Sentence: After recovering from a traumatic injury, you went back to school with gusto and met all your friends.
habitation n
Habitation (n.)
  • Definition: A place in which to live; a residence.
  • Synonym: home
  • Antonym: unfamiliar
  • Sentence: The native habitation for the lions are the jungle and occasionally the prairies.
hasten v
Hasten (v.)
  • Definition: To act or move quickly; hurry; to cause something to happen more quickly.
  • Synonym: speed-up
  • Antonym: sluggish
  • Sentence: You told your brother to hasten his tempo so the music would seem more dramatic.
havoc n
Havoc (n.)
  • Definition: Very great destruction or disorder.
  • Synonym: chaos
  • Antonym: order
  • Sentence: When the teacher announced that she lost the midterm papers, there was great havoc in the room.
quell v
Quell (v.)
  • Definition: To cause a feeling to be less intense; to calm or settle.
  • Synonym: soothe
  • Antonym: irritate
  • Sentence: You will never be able to quell John; he’s inconsolable.
recluse n
Recluse (n.)
  • Definition: A person who lives alone and has little to do with others.
  • Synonym: reserved
  • Antonym: attentive
  • Sentence: You wanted to live as arecluse after you were terribly embarrassed in front of the entire school when you couldn’t presentyour speech that you have prepared so much for.
recuperate v
Recuperate (v.)
  • Definition: To return to normal health; to recover.
  • Synonym: replenish
  • Antonym: damage
  • Sentence: It took time for you to recuperate after having that traumatic injury that completely destroyed your entire athletic career.
replenish v
Replenish (v.)
  • Definition: To build up a supply of something again; fill again.
  • Synonym: heal
  • Antonym: destroy
  • Sentence: After the cold winter in Jamestown that nearly killed the entire population, it took lots of time to replenish all of their resources because they weren’t able to send word back to England for supplies.
  • Next five words are Honors Vocabulary
bedlam n
Bedlam (n.)
  • Definition: Uproar; confusion.
  • Synonym: Mayhem
  • Antonym: Peace
  • Sentence: The bombings in Israel and Gaza are causing bedlam.
kowtow v
Kowtow (v.)
  • Definition: To be overly polite and flattering; to fawn.
  • Synonym: obeisance
  • Antonym: confident
  • Sentence: Kowtow guys finish last.
cogitate v
Cogitate (v.)
  • Definition: To ponder or think intently
  • Synonym: wonder
  • Antonym: blank
  • Sentence: We must cogitate our decision before we apply it into action.
disheveled adj
Disheveled (adj.)
  • Definition: untidy
  • Synonym: unorganized
  • Antonym: clean
  • Sentence: The lazy boy’s desk is disheveled.
pulchritude n
Pulchritude (n.)
  • Definition: Physical beauty.
  • Synonym: pretty
  • Antonym: ugly
  • Sentence: The ice sculpture’s pulchritude was amazing; the highest bid was 473 million dollars.