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Our OCDM Customers PowerPoint Presentation
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Our OCDM Customers

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Our OCDM Customers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our OCDM Customers
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  1. Our OCDM Customers

  2. Our ORDM Customers

  3. Our OADM Customers

  4. Robi Axiata Ltd Bangladesh OCDM eBIW Customer Spotlight Robi Axiata Limited is a joint venture company between Axiata Group Berhad, Malaysia and NTT DOCOMO INC, Japan. It was formerly known as Telekom Malaysia International (Bangladesh) which commenced operations in Bangladesh in 1997 with the brand name AKTEL. On 28 March 2010, the service name was rebranded as ‘Robi’ which means sun in Bengali. Robi Dhaka, Bangladesh INDUSTRY: Telecommunication REVENUE: $ 34.4 Billion (Axiata Group) ORACLE PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS: Oracle Communication Data Model Oracle Data Integrator Oracle Exadata solution eBIW Solution: Dimensional data model Telecom Data Warehouse Robi Analytics Challenges Key Benefits Built Data Model for in-house KPIs for various departments such as Sales, Marketing & Finance Automatic SMS generating system for the management team after completion of everyday ETL process Customer Acquisition and Customer Churn calculation process build based on customized requirements with 40 customized KPI . Built a data mart, where from SAP BO will extract the aggregated data Legacy DWH (no Data Model existed) No BI Data Model that will give instant results on a real-time decision making No single source of truth for standard ETL monitoring tools No pre-built predictive models in current DW solution (like: Churn prediction etc)

  5. ICE TelecomCosta Rica Customer Spotlight OCDM Qualitative Results: • eBIW assisted ICE in developing analytics in the areas of customer acquisition, customer churn, customer order fall-outs, and financials pertaining to revenue and margin. This analytics, specially the acquisition forecasts and churn prediction provided by OCDM is helping the users to plan promotions and retentions programs. Grupo ICE is a Costa Rican state-owned holding company that controls assets in electric energy and telecommunications sector. In telecommunications, it has a telephony coverage of 95% of the population. It offers national telephony services through fixed and mobile lines, public pay phones, international telephony and internet connection through ICE Telecomunicaciones. ICE modernized the telecommunications system, producing a comprehensive and affordable telephone network. In order to overcome the current challenges due to competition coming in, ICE decided to implement the Oracle Communication Data Model (OCDM) as the Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence tool. Challenges Engagement Details In the past few decades, ICE was the only telecommunications service provider in Costa Rica. A couple of years back, the government opened the gates to other private service providers to operate in the country. The introduction of foreign competitors into the Costa Rican telecommunications market posed a chhallege to the state-owned company in terms of customer acquisition and churn. • eBIW started working with SOIN a local SI to implement OCDM at ICE, Costa Rica. Out of 8 modules of OCDM, 4 modules are being implemented. They are • Customer management • Revenue & Billing • Product Management • Proivisioning & Activations

  6. Customer Spotlight Contax S.ABrazil OCDM • Contax S.A is one of the leading Brazilian providers of outsourced call center services. Contax engaged eBIW to provide implementation services related to the define, design, develop and deployment of OBIEE and OCDM package for the call center Workforce Performance Reporting Application. • Benefits of the implementation include : • Improve Contax clients’ internal decision making and strategic workforce training and • planning process • Identify calls, Productivities and Performance measures and compile business approved • definitions • Consolidate different data sources in one reporting area • Resolve business classification and hierarchies (Organization and Employee) issues • Consolidate multiple reporting tools into one single standardize tool • Lower agent attrition by identifying training needs earlier • Identify first contact resolution by reducing unnecessary repeat contacts

  7. OCDM Claro - Ecuador eBIW Customer Spotlight Claro Telecommunications headquartered in Edificio Centrum; Guayaquil. Claro is a brand of mobile phones belonging to the Mexican company America Movil, and operates in several countries in Latin America. CLARO is the Ecuador’s leading telecom operator, with almost 12 million subscribers. Claro provides telecommunication services such as mobile, fixed, Internet and television. CLARO Guayaquil, Ecuador INDUSTRY: Telecommunication REVENUE: $ 14 Billion ORACLE PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS: Oracle Communication Data Model Oracle Data Integrator Oracle Exadata solution eBIW Solution: Dimensional data model Regulatory Report OCDM as data warehouse solution Challenges CLARO wants to build and deliver reports for the Telecom Ecuadorian Regulatory Authority and needs an agile solution. How to utilize the market leading telecom solution OCDM used as target data warehouse for the purpose of generating the Regulatory reports. Enterprise-wide reporting infrastructure, using OBIEE, to support initially the reporting and analytics required for the regulatory reports Value Delivered To Date Integrate data sources BSCS, RTX, AXIS, Collector for Postpaid customer. Integrate TecnoTree (Netezza) and other applications for Postpaid. OCDM used as a Enterprise-wide data warehouse to support reporting and analytics needs of the business/functional users across Business Units, global Sales organization, corporate Finance and Executives Provides a platform in which Finance and Business Units can combine data from other applications like Compensation

  8. Customer Spotlight SASKTELCanada OCDM • Sasktel, Canada is one of the leading Telecom providers in Canada. eBIW was engaged by Sasktel to move data from different SaskTel source systems to central data warehouse system for end-user operational reporting to meet the requirements defined within the Residential Password Management (RPM) project, which is part of the Customer Self-Serve (CSS) program • Some of the major reports are : • Total we serve password changes total by CSC/CRCs • Total password changes by success vs. fail • Total password changes by credential type • User interactions escalating to we serve without password change attempt and after • password change attempt • Total self-serve vs. we serve password changes • Totals of self-serve versus we serve password changes by agent

  9. Customer Spotlight ZAINSaudi Arabia OCDM The OCDM implementation is focused on Eight subject & the building of critical KPIs and analytics associated with them. Following subject areas are being implemented: Customer Management, Revenue & Billing, Provisioning & Activation , Product Management, Network Management, Marketing Management, Partner Management, Cost & Contribution Challenges Solutions • Building a common, integrated, correlated & immediate • source of information at a global level through • implementation of a single, centralized data warehouse • using Telecom standard data model • Improve data quality, accuracy and availability through • implementation of leading data governance practices and by • involving each and every stakeholders • Simplifying and automating the reporting architecture; • enabled by layered architecture where 3NF for atomic data • and STAR schema modeling is used • Improving Client’s operational flexibility and efficiency by • providing decision makers the right information • Complex Data Model not easy to manage • Data Quality • No Defined Requirements • Slow ETL process • Slow Response times to Business Users • Delay in processing ad hoc queries with • bulk output • Low scalability for customer analytics • based on data mart or cubes

  10. Customer Spotlight OCDM CABLE & WIRELESSPanama The major activities eBIW has completed : • FIT-GAP analysis with the existing various source systems • Development of source ETL using ODI  to load data from various source system to OCDM foundation layer. • Building of stage layer where the data from multiple system will be loaded and transformed to suit the need of OCDM Work in progress : • Customization of intra ETL to populated the aggregate layer from the data of foundation layer. • Building of reports with the help of oracle OLAP and Mining technology to suit customer needs., Cable & Wireless Panama is the largest communication service provider in Panama. eBIW is engaged here to implement the central data warehouse system using OCDM for the different lobs  like fixed line, mobile ( both pre & post paid) , broadband and cable TV.

  11. Customer Spotlight ORDM WM Morrison Supermarkets Plc – UK Building an Enterprise Data Warehouse Using Oracle Packaged Apps Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc are the UK’s 4th largest grocery retailer, with annual turnover in excess of £14bn. To accelerate the build of a new EDW, Morrison was using ORDM as a “Hub” to integrate disparate POS and Merchandise system and converge to a common Symantec layer. As a result ORDM was used as source of all operational reports as well as to support analytical applications. WM Morrison Supermarkets Bradford, Yorkshire, UK INDUSTRY: Grocery Retail REVENUE: £14 Billion ORACLE PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS: Oracle Warehouse Management Oracle Retail Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle PeopleSoft HR ORACLE DW PRODUCTS Oracle Retail Data Model Oracle BI Applications Oracle BIEE Oracle Data Integrator • Challenges • Deliver 40+ BI/DW Projects in 5 years for:- Finance, HR, Stores, Trading, Supply Chain & Manufacturing • Align BI & DW projects as closely as possible with ERP systems renewals • 100 Million + Retail transactions per day • Support transition from Legacy to Oracle applications • Value Delivered To Date • Integrated Retalix POS into the EDW • Delivered near real time ODS using the ORDM data model • Migrated RMS reporting to new BI platform • Enabled basket level promotion and event analytics • Integrating ORDM with RMS • Implementing AP, AR, PS & HR into BI Apps

  12. ABC StoresImproved Store Operations Customer Spotlight ORDM ABC Stores is an 80 store Hawaii-based chain, combining aspects of both a convenience store with tourist-related goods. Some 38 stores are located with two (2) blocks of Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu. CHALLENGE SOLUTION BENEFITS • Better scheduling of employee personnel and floor coverage • Improved retail flow-thru • Reduced zero-selling occurrences • Improved GMROS from retail shelf level data • Implemented POS agnostic data warehouse • Implemented in 4 months • To ensure optimal floor personnel performance • To ensure merchandise mix corresponds to superior customer experience • To Improve Cross-Sell / Up-Sell merchandise assortments • To proactively understand out-of-stock situations • Multiple POS solutions • Oracle Data Warehouse for Retail • Oracle Data Mining • Oracle OLAP • Oracle Optimized Warehouse solution (Sun) • Oracle Data Integrator

  13. GORDMANSNew York, USA Customer Spotlight ORDM Tasks Carried out: BI Reporting BI Publisher Reporting System Health Check Architecture Support ORDM Implementation in progress……

  14. OUTBACKUSA Customer Spotlight ORDM Owns and operates Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Roy's Restaurant and Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar. OSI Hired a new CEO a few months ago, and she made it a top priority to get a brand new DW going so they could do better analytics and decision making. OSI went “LIVE” within SEVEN months. ORDM provided a support of 85% “fit” out-of-box. Deloitte is the implementer and spent most of their time in developing ETL from various source systems to ORDM in addition to extending the model to meet OSI specific needs. OSI Restaurants Partners LLC Tampa, Florida INDUSTRY: Restaurant Retail REVENUE: [Not Published] ORACLE PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS: Oracle Exadata Quarter Rack Oracle Retail Data Model Oracle DB Options Partition, RAC, OLAP, Data Mining OBIEE Oracle Data Integrator Management Tools APPLICATION Lawson, HR Outsourced • Key Benefits • Value of Exadata as a platform for growth and consolidation • Time to value – Initial assessment showed over 85% matching between their DW requirements and ORDM out-of-box solution • Value of Advanced Analytics –Affinity, Loss Prevention & Shrinkage, Revenue Forecast, Customer Loyalty Attribute Importance • Reduced Consulting Efforts – Went “Live” with predictable cost due to several pre-built components with comprehensive metadata

  15. AER LINGUSIreland Customer Spotlight OADM • Building a Data Warehouse Solution based on OADM with the following objectives: • Fit Gap Analysis for source data feeds and report requirements • Data Modeling Extension design • ETL Design & Development • Reports Design & Development

  16. ANAJapan Customer Spotlight OADM All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.  or ANA, is a Japanese airline. It operates services to 49 destinations in Japan and 32 international routes[and has about 33,000 employees as of August 2013. In May 2010, ANA's total passenger traffic is up year-on-year by 7.8%, and its international services grow by 22% to 2.07 million passengers in the first five months of 2010 • Services performed: • OADM Fit Gap Analysis & Customization of ANA Source data feeds • Provide LDM education for ANA & implementation partner • Milestones delivered: • LDM customization policy • OADM LDM on site customer education • SSIM Pilot • LDM: Entity level mapping output • LDM: Attributes mapping and rules output • LDM: OADM foundation customization & draft ER charts