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Cherry Tomato Presentation. By: Jarred Breaux, Jesse Majors, Jeff Wheaten, and Matthew Richard. Type of Plant. Scientific Name- Lycopersicon esculentum

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Cherry tomato presentation l.jpg

Cherry Tomato Presentation

By: Jarred Breaux, Jesse Majors, Jeff Wheaten, and Matthew Richard

Type of plant l.jpg
Type of Plant

  • Scientific Name- Lycopersicon esculentum

  • Origin- They were first seen in 1519 in the coastal highlands of Western South America and they appeared later in Central America where Mayan Indians used them as food and as cures for cancer.

  • We got our seeds from Wal-Mart and their name is Burpee.

  • It takes 7-14 days to germinate and their depth to sow is 1/4 inch.

  • you have to space them three to four inches apart and it takes seventy days to harvest.

Objectives l.jpg

  • To determine the growth effect of different soil types.

Methods l.jpg

  • We planted some cherry tomatoes and water them 24 mL every other day.

  • Types of soil: dirt, soil/dirt, and soil.

  • Sunlight requirements: medium sunlight.

  • We planted five seeds in each cup.

Group participation l.jpg
Group Participation

  • Jeff: Brought plants/made some observations/helped with research

  • Jarred: Watered plants some days/made observations/helped research

  • Jesse: Watered plants some days/helped research/typed report

  • Mathew: Watered plants some days/helped research/made some observations

Results l.jpg

  • Our dirt did not grow.

  • Our soil grew fairly well.

  • Our dirt/soil seemed to grow the best.

  • We saw small sprouts on March 28 in our soil and dirt/soil.

  • The plants are small in size but are fairly large for cherry tomatoes.

Conclusions l.jpg

  • Our plants did not grow as we expected.

  • Growing conditions:

  • The dirt effected the growth of the plant the most. It did not grow at all.

  • The soil grew well but the dirt and soil seemed to grow better. The tomatoes weren’t able to grow in the dirt at all.

  • We were the only group who grew cherry tomatoes.

  • We would use miracle grow and not use dirt.