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Cherry feast PowerPoint Presentation
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Cherry feast

Cherry feast

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Cherry feast

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  1. Cherry feast

  2. The happiness of the cherries • 25 years ago a group of peasants wanted that the cherries of Torrellas were well known everywhere in Catalonia, so they established the first Sunday of June as the cherry day when the Torrelles people could show and sell their delicious cherries and the best one was awarded as the cherry of the year. • For two days the streets of Torrelles were full of visitors and neighbours who went to see the stalls where the cherries were sold and besides there was a trade of lacemakers"puntaires".

  3. History of the cherry • In the past Torrellas like other villages used to have a lot of vineyards and produce good wine and most of the families worked in the vineyards as it was the only economic resource that they had in winter. But when the “filoxera” arrived in Catalonia, the vines died and people had to look for another resource. Then they decided to plant cherry trees. • The first one was called " Peu of Country " a tree from a cherry stone, this one did not give great results, then the peasants of Saint Boi “The Bilaret " discovered in the Pyrenees, another tree that turned out to be more effective and was called "Saint Llucia". Since then they have not stopped to look for new varieties of cherries.

  4. Posters of the party

  5. Cherry sorbet ingredients: 500 grams of cherries 150 grams of honey 1 egg and lemon juice 1/2 liter of mint leaves water Preparation: 1) We mash the cherries and we make a mash 2)we mix the cherry mash with honey, the lemon juice and half liter of water. 3) We keep it in the freezer approximately for 3 hours. 4) We take it of the freezer and mix the ice cream with the egg white until the mass gets thick Recipe