steve irwin aka the crocodile hunter n.
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Steve Irwin. AKA: The Crocodile Hunter PowerPoint Presentation
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Steve Irwin. AKA: The Crocodile Hunter

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Steve Irwin. AKA: The Crocodile Hunter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Steve Irwin. AKA: The Crocodile Hunter. The life and discoveries of Steve Irwin By Sergio B Pr.4. The childhood of Steve Irwin.

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Steve Irwin. AKA: The Crocodile Hunter

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    1. Steve Irwin. AKA: The Crocodile Hunter The life and discoveries of Steve Irwin By Sergio B Pr.4

    2. The childhood of Steve Irwin • Steve Irwin was born on February 22, 1962. He was born in Fern Tree Gully, Victoria. Both of his parents were animal naturalists. Steve was raised in the Beerwah Reptile and Fauna Park, which was opened by his parents in 1970. Steve loved animals, especially reptiles. He caught a snake (Common Brown) at the age of six!

    3. Steve’s education • Little was known about Steve’s education. All that is known is that he went to public school, then trained to be a heavy machine operator and diesel mechanic. Basically, his naturalist and conservationist knowledge is completely self-taught.

    4. Steve’s spouse, children, etc. • Steve Irwin got married to Terri Raines on June 4, 1992. The couple had their first daughter Bindi Sue Irwin on July 24, 1998. They then had their son Robert Clarence Irwin on December 1, 2003. • Bindi Sue Irwin Robert Clarence Irwin

    5. Steve’s other interests • Other than being in the wildlife all the time, Steve had other interests in life. Steve loved sports such as soccer, cricket, and surfing.

    6. A science experiment • September 26, 2007, an article is sent out about an experiment conducted by Steve Irwin. The others were; Mark A. Read, Gordon C. Grigg, Steve R. Irwin, Danielle Shanahan, Craig E. Franklin. This experiment was about three male estuarine crocodiles. They were captured in Nesbit and Wenlock Rivers, North Queensland, in Australia. They were then released with satellite transmitters on them. The experiment is about the usefulness of relocating crocodiles.

    7. Results of experiment • ALL three crocs (also called Crocodylus Porosus) returned to their original place of being captured. When the crocs were let go, they acted really alike. They all started out making random movements from between 10 to 108 days. Then, after that the crocodiles the most costal way of returning back to their sites of capture.

    8. Other ways Steve contributed to science • Steve raised funds for animal conservation and protection to many organizations that do so. He even founded the Wildlife Warriors Worldwide. It protects wildlife and habitats, make breeding rescue programs for species that are endangered, and does scientific research to help conservation.

    9. How Steve impacted society • Lots of other wildlife conservationists and conservationist groups really quickly gave tribute to Irwin after his death. The Royal Society of Prevention of Animal Cruelty Queensland chief executive Mark Townend said he was like a “modern-day Noah.” Dr. Ian Galloway said Steve was a “dedicated naturalist who was actively committed to highlighting the plight of threatened species.

    10. The group of people who oppose Steve Irwin • The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) very firmly oppose Steve Irwin. They believe that Steve Irwin contradicts his own message of protecting animals because he hauled in alligators and crocodiles into television studios just to be filmed. They believed that Steve only did this to get himself on a higher level in his celebrity life. What do you believe?

    11. How did Steve change the course of the future? • Steve did many acts to aid wildlife conservation such as funding and founding wildlife protection programs, doing scientific research to help do so, and educating the public on the importance of wildlife conservation.

    12. My opinion if Steve Irwin had not existed • I believe that if Steve Irwin had never existed, we would’ve had a lot of endangered species. Steve taught us all to that wildlife conservation was important, and he entertained us while educating us.

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