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Who let the dogs out?

Who let the dogs out?. Larry E. Laycock. Who are the dogs? (on your jog through the streets of management). your. Your competitors? Your shareholders/stakeholders? Globalization of financial services? Demanding...knowledgable members?

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Who let the dogs out?

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  1. Who let the dogs out? Larry E. Laycock

  2. Who are the dogs? (on your jog through the streets of management) your • Your competitors? • Your shareholders/stakeholders? • Globalization of financial services? • Demanding...knowledgable members? • Your mother-in-law? Family demands? e.g.: Billy's hockey game, Jane's swimming lessons, Sara's dance recitals, etc.

  3. Who are your dogs? (cont.) • Relationships...internal/external • Board of Directors...the group • Board members -- i.e. individuals • Key employees...as vital assets (vs. products of performance or productivity?) • Information Technology demands? • Operational "glitches" or deliverable shortcomings • Project schedules...delays...deadlines...

  4. Are you a stable (predictable) leader in an unstable environment? • Do you have -- and show -- the courage of your convictions...in your judgements? • Do you show signs of panic under stress? • e.g.: are you you looking for scapegoats to hang for problems? If so, what sort of example are you setting?

  5. OR are you calm, cool, confident and trusted? ...regardless of the doberman(s) on your heels?

  6. Do you lead according to an established business plan? Or by ad-hoc ,knee-jerk reactions to the latest hot button???

  7. Do you lead by autocratic command... • or by example? • or by influence (coach/mentor)? • or by inspiration (or an effective combination)? • Do you empower your team? • How would your "team" answer these questions?

  8. Have you personally... • considered • pondered • deliberated • reflected upon • ...what leadership is to you...to be successful...in stepping up to the challenge of the future?

  9. Are you inspired by the opportunities of turbulence or threatened by the impending storm? • Do your best people see a courageous example to follow...or an intimidated recluse?

  10. Are you a proactive or a reactive leader? • Can you pass the test of being a predictable and reliable pace setter? • i.e.: are you seen as embracing and utilizing change or are you operating as a maintenance caretaker?

  11. Leadership is... • Formulation of your vision • Empowering your team to develop a strategy • Embracing the opportunities of change • Recognition of the excellence of individuals...in their contributions

  12. Having and showing the capacity for empathy and sensitivity...for the impact that significant change will have on all the people throughout the organization • Showing the courage to tackle the risks of managing turbulence • Managing complexity...calmly...and confidently... Leadership is...(cont)

  13. Leadership is... (cont.) • Making the tough decisions...having considered the risks and ramifications (even though some risks are hidden) • p.s. -- indecision fosters paralysis • Anticipating opportunity or obstacles on the horizon...from 40 000 feet • Pausing to review successes, failures and fumbles...in reflection

  14. In today's rapid-fire business environment, there is a distinct lack of time and opportunity... • ...to think • ...to ponder • ...to plan • ...to assimilate activities of today with the past • ...to solve problems • ...to think creatively or in an innovative fashion • to better appreciate (even reorganize) your own strengths • GET BACK TO THE T!

  15. THE ANSWER...to stepping up to the challenge of LEADERSHIP...today and tomorrow...is the "POWER" of "REFLECTION"

  16. Definition of reflection is... • Dimension of thinking beyond the immediate (looking further behind and farther ahead than normal) • Utilization of emotional intelligence to circle the wagons (artful rejuvenation) • Proactive...not a passive decision-making process • Pursuit of hidden insights and understanding yourself...within yourself

  17. Reflection is...(cont.) • Stopping the noise of the world and finding silence enough to achieve a deeper awareness of your values and beliefs • Serious reflection inspires leaders to seek greater performance or contributions through collaborative efforts of their most talented personnel...in a synchronized fashion

  18. How much reflection time do you make for yourself? • If you moved on from your executive position today, what legacy of a critical impact of reflection would you leave behind?

  19. SO! As you are capturing opportunities to spring out of the doghouse of mundane management traditions and into the universe of creative and proactive leadership initiatives, keep one thing in mind...

  20. ...once you get there, you will be so far ahead of the dogs, you'll barely hear their bark and won't be concerned with their bite. You will have outdistanced them!

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