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Marketing and Advertisement PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing and Advertisement

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Marketing and Advertisement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing and Advertisement
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  1. Marketing and Advertisement • Child Care Resource Center • Local church newsletters • The local free paper…ie. The Sun, LA Weekly. • Penny Saver • Newspapers • Go to local fairs and events • Post in local markets, laundry mats, stores • Talk to people

  2. How do we become a better boss?The elements of creating a collaborative relationship with others. • Building authentic relationships with adults and children. • The physical environment. • knowledge- Your education and training.

  3. How does one create this type of environment? Body language Unkind words Lack of communication Deflective instead of self-reflective Inflexible Not able to connect with people

  4. How does one create a collaborative environment? Do you believe in your Mission? Do you have the desire to serve? Do you fully understand how you will be affecting lives? Do you enjoy working with families?

  5. It is your responsibility to create a collaborative environment. • Build trust • You need to consider everyone’s feelings when making decision. • Transparency • Model by being a good example. • Give your full attention. • Always be clear with expectations. • Common vision which should always be what is best for children. • Everyone should feel Respected and Secure • Open to ideas • Listen without judgment

  6. What makes a good physical environment. Tools you will need: • Contract Staff handbook Parent handbook Title 22 • Office supplies • Pencils • Pens • Paper • Forms Attendance forms Observation/Anecdotal forms, etc…. The home Tidy Storage Furniture Cleaning supplies Temperature of the room Natural light

  7. Education and Training Education/Training WHY! • Classes • Early Childhood Education Classes • Supervising adults • Administrative classes • Training • NAFCC- National Association of Family Child Care. • CAFCC-CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION FOR FAMILY CHILD CARE . • Self Help Books Helps you feel more confident when you know your craft. The more you know the better you are at leading. Knowledge is power and gives you a better understanding of the community around you. This is your career, invest in yourself.

  8. NAEYC Statement of Commitment • Never harm children. • Ensure that programs for young children are based on current knowledge and research of child development and early childhood education. • Respect and support families in their task of nurturing children. • Respect colleagues in early childhood care and education and support them in maintaining the NAEYC code of Ethical Conduct. • Serve as an advocate for children, their families, and their teachers in community and society. • Stay informed of and maintain high standards of professional conduct. • Engage in an ongoing process of self-reflection, realizing that personal characteristics, biases, and beliefs have an impact on children and families. • Be open to new ideas and be willing to learn from the suggestions of others. • Continue to learn, grow and contribute as a professional. • Honor the ideas and principles of the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct.