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50 nm

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50 nm. 1.7 X 1.7 µm 2.

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50 nm

1.7 X 1.7 µm2

Images at left are of the tip Xiaoning used to image the Reed chip(afm above) - obviously broken. However, we do buy the scanasyst Air+ tips. These come with the warning that the Si tips are sharp but fragile as compared to the Si Nitride tips. We are banging Si Nitride on the Reed chip with the softer Si of our probes. Image to right is where my mind had gone in interpreting the artifacts in Xiaoning's images. This years old image shows that the contamination on the tip likely follows the edges of the fracture face. All in all this is some good evidence that the Reed chip is free of resist/other contamination.


This is an image of the package we recieved from Phi, Burke lab. Also, Phi's tracing from the one intact chip is below. These chips are still PDMS transfers.


Ouch! That looks terrible. I apologize; I will ship the next set of samples using some more padding. Here is the data that Xiaoning for those devices. It looks like 101013_2 was gating better than the other devices. Gate leakage might be really bad if the device got damaged during shipping though. I am still working on the PMMA devices; after I update you on those we can decide if we still want PDMS transferred devices.


On 31 October 2013 10:35, Neff, Davi

Hello Phi -  please see the attached photo, this is the state in which your devices arrive.  All devices (Si) except one are cracked across the middle - not just the dish but also the devices.  I am sorry to report this to you.Please pack the next shipment in a larger box.  The only device that is not cracked is #101013-2.  If you have any information about this device (the writing on the dish is also destroyed) please send it to us.   Thanks anyway for your shipment,  David Neff