by aaron subashiq dana velezquez matthew culetu petra udveryheli and antonia gambino n.
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Religion Relationships and Differences PowerPoint Presentation
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Religion Relationships and Differences

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Religion Relationships and Differences - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Aaron Subashiq , Dana Velezquez , Matthew Culetu , Petra Udveryheli , and Antonia Gambino. Religion Relationships and Differences. Architecture Photographs. Where They Were Originated.

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where they were originated
Where They Were Originated
  • Islam originated in Ancient Arabia, or more specifically, Mecca, while Christianity was originated in Israel
  • Hinduism and Buddhism were both originated in India
  • Judaism was originated in the Middle East
food practices
Food Practices
  • Islam and Judaism both have food restrictions, however kosher and halal food is permitted by both religions
  • Christians are recommended, although not forced to, avoid eating meat on Fridays while Hindus consider beef a major food restriction
  • Buddha exhorted his followers to avoid eating meat
artwork or architecture
Artwork or Architecture
  • Muslim mosques share many qualities with Jewish synagogues and Christian cathedrals (their round domes)
  • Buddhists created pagodas while Muslims created the Taj Mahal tomb
  • Jewish people created the menorah while Christians created Saint Mary‘s Church
famous people
Famous People
  • Both Christianity and Islam worship an almighty being named god
  • Jewish people worship Abraham while Christians worship Jesus
  • Muslims worship Allah while Buddhists worship Buddha
  • Hindus worship a supreme god that is entitled as an entity that exists in and gives life to all living things, however they do worship a number of other gods and goddeses
where they are practiced
Where They Are practiced
  • All 5 religions are practiced worldwide
  • Judaism is practiced in synagogues while Christianity is practiced in churches
  • Islam is practiced in mosques while Buddhism is practiced in temples
  • Mecca is a major meeting center for Muslims while all other religions do not have a major meeting site for all its members
how they are practiced
How They Are Practiced
  • Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism all are monotheistic, or believe in one god, while Hinduism is Polytheistic
  • Both the Christian holiday of lent and Islamic holiday of Ramadan involve giving up something to show faith
  • Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all believe that in the future good will prevail over evil
  • Jewish people worship the Torah, while Muslims worship the Quran
  • All 5 religions require their members to pray