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Part D: ‘Sharing a skill’ PowerPoint Presentation
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Part D: ‘Sharing a skill’

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Part D: ‘Sharing a skill’
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Part D: ‘Sharing a skill’

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  1. Part D: ‘Sharing a skill’ • On the Wiki, explain why you chose to take part in the activity to share your skill, and why you think you would be able to do it. • You must also show how you have planned and prepared for the workshop. • Your action plan should cover the following things: • Notes and brainstorms of ideas. • Planning for the practical things; • number leading workshop (who is working with who?) • What will all the individual leaders need to do? • number of people taking part; • Age range and how to cater for it; • equipment needed; • timing of demonstration and teaching • what you want them to be able to do at the end. • 3. Show photos or diagrams of what you need to teach for the workshop. • Reflect more on what your specific role is and how you will contribute to the workshop. • The people taking part in the workshop will need to review how it went and how the feel about it. This is a vital part to pass Part D so speak to the advisor about how to do this!

  2. Part D: “Sharing a skill” I chose to take part with a group of others to teach a group of younger children a dance based on castles. I thought I should do this for my part D because I enjoy dance a lot and also to share my skill.

  3. Use simple movements 3 groups-knights dragons princesses No equipment needed 6 year olds theme-castles Part D Ideas Knights being taught by Rachel and Amelia use simple vocabulary Princesses being taught by me and Beth By the end of the lesson, they would have learnt a dance. Dragons taught by Leah and Ashanti fun and easy movements

  4. Part D: Practical Planning • 3 groups of children – knights dragons princesses • Warm up- -Castle version of stuck in the mud. They will be in their groups and the dragons will be ‘it’ and they will try to tag the princesses. The knights have to rescue the princesses by going under their arms. The children play this for about 3minutes. -In the second part of the warm up, we are going to get the children to stand in a circle and do simple warm up activities- for example, clapping, jog on spot and rubbing each others backs. • Main activity- We will teach the children a dance based on castles. They will stay in the same groups as in the warm up. Me and Beth are going to teach the princesses a dance, Amelia and Rachel are going to teach the knights and Leah and Ashanti are going to teach the dragons. After they have done that (10mins) we are going to start a group dance (20mins). In that, the dragons and knights have a fight and the princesses are shocked, then the knights win and they dance with the princesses. Once the children learn the dance we are going to practise it first without the music and then with it. After that, the children are going to perform it and have some photos taken. We are also going to encourage the children to use facial expressions, noises and movements throughout the dance.

  5. Part D: My Specific Role • My specific role is to teach the princesses a dance along with Beth and also to help teach the main part of the dance. • Another role is to make sure that the children know what to do in the performance

  6. Part D: Pupil Review of Workshop We produced some review sheets for the children to fill in asking questions about the dance workshop. For example, they had to circle whether they were a dragon princess or knight. The last question asked “What was your favourite bit” and the children answered, “when we did a curtsy and wiggled our hips” and “when me and Josh got picked up”. Overall, the children answered that they really like the lesson, it was fun and that the dance was easy to learn.

  7. Part D: Review of my Arts Leadership • I think that the dance on castles went really well. We all worked together and everything moved smoothly. • I think we managed it even better as we did a lot of preparing so we knew exactly what we were doing. • Although there were minor disruptions during the lesson, we managed to keep everybody focussed and kept everyone on task. • Overall myself and all of the students thoroughly enjoyed this experience. • From this experience, I learnt that it’s not that difficult to come up with an simple but attractive dance. • If I did this again, next time I would maybe involve props in the dance such as masks and shields for the knights to make it look more interesting and to portray their character further.

  8. Pictures of Workshop Warm up Getting a girl to join in Teaching the dance