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Medgroove & Medrhythmia 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Medgroove & Medrhythmia 2011

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Medgroove & Medrhythmia 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project Head: PLM Asst. Head: UPH-Jonelta. Medgroove & Medrhythmia 2011. Project Proposal. DATE: February 5, 2011 TIME: Rehearsal Time: 8:00 AM – 12:00 NN Event Time: 1:00 – 6:00 PM VENUE: UST Medicine Auditorium

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Presentation Transcript
project proposal
Project Proposal
  • DATE: February 5, 2011
  • TIME: Rehearsal Time: 8:00 AM – 12:00 NN

Event Time: 1:00 – 6:00 PM

  • VENUE: UST Medicine Auditorium
  • THEME: Elixir: Revitalizing the persona to liberate a positive aura
elixir revitalizing the persona to liberate a positive aura
Elixir: Revitalizing the persona to liberate a positive aura
  • the musical shall entail the feel of positivity towards everything, may it be nice or unpleasant. Each musical note shall encourage the performers and the listeners to emit happy vibes. Every dance maneuver exhibits grace in the effort of every compound being to mask a sad reality and the dilemma of life.
media uph bi an


  • About APMC: activities, etc (c/o Binan)
  • Brief history of medgroove&medrhythmia
  • AVP of General Rules and Mechanics for MedGroove and MedRhythmia (separate)
  • AVP per contestant
  • AVP on loop for idle moments
  • AVP of sponsors
  • Keep AVPs concise
  • Operate projectors during event
  • Photos and videos during event
  • Compile photos and videos into edited output


  • Posters, ticket design, extensive promotions (email, websites, various ads)
  • Get media mileage (TV, radio, print)
  • Coordinate with Finance Committee for marketing packages
  • Invite deans, follow up on them
  • The heaviest pangungulit on the APMC reps to cascade promotions, crucial links to school body
  • Stage backdrop
  • Ticket design
  • Print tickets, tag control numbers
  • Release tickets to schools (at least 60 each); Mandatory sponsorship fee: P3000/school in exchange for 60 tickets
  • Follow through sales (1000 seats max)
  • Man entrance during event
awards tokens up
  • Procure trophies and awards
  • Set up and decorate awards/trophies table for display during event
  • Assist during awarding
  • Certificates for all participants (c/o school representatives)
  • Get sponsors for tokens
  • Procure tokens for judges and hosts
  • Set up and decorate tokens table for display during event (coordinate with Trophies/Awards committee)
  • Hand in tokens to judges and hosts during event
  • Give prizes to game (for every interval) winners
finance marketing feu
  • Send out marketing letters
  • Follow up on companies
  • Settle marketing deals (in order of preference: cash, ex-deal food, prizes, media coverage)
  • Prepare list of sponsors
  • Compile logos of sponsors
  • Compile budget proposals of all committees
  • Prepare, handle, and update budget proposal, furnish financial report at the end
  • Collect and disburse fund
  • Collect mandatory sponsorship fee (P3000) from all schools
  • Collect registration fees through Registration/Contestants committee
food uerm
  • Get sponsors for food
  • Finalize food preps: morning snack, lunch, pm snack, dinner, drinks; do headcount
  • Set up and distribute food for APMC reps and volunteers, hosts
  • Food for the judges
judges asmph
  • Collect names of nominees for judges
  • Invite at least 3 judges for medrhythmia and 3 for medgroove (esp from non-participating schools)
  • Contact judges
  • Follow up on judges
  • Prepare CV
  • Reserve parking slots for judges
  • Have judges review/study the contest piece prior to the event
  • Furnish copies of groups’ dance interpretations for the judges
  • Usher judges during event
  • Secure a holding area/designated lounge for judges
  • Token for the judges
judging rules dlshsi
  • Check and update custom-made program uploaded at egroup
  • Provide score sheets; distribute and collect after each round
  • Brief judges on criteria for judging (DO NOT separate scores for contest piece and choice piece)
  • Tabulate points IMMEDIATELY, submit results
  • Never let the judges go home without signing the official results
program registration slcm
  • Print programme
  • Provide Idiot Boards at the backstage
  • Timer (1)
  • Runners (3)
  • Doormen (2)
  • Emcees (2)
  • Stage directors (2)
  • Backstage directors (2)
  • Lights & Sounds director
  • Overall director
  • Schools commit participation
    • Only APMC reps are authorized to commit for their schools

Settle registration for contestants:

    • Registration fees
    • Check for requirements:
      • MedGroove: Requirements inside long brown envelope:
  • group name
  • validated registration forms of all group members for the 2nd semester AY 2010-2011 OR certification signed by the Dean
  • validated school IDs for the 2nd semester AY 2010-2011
  • one (1) 4R picture of the dance group (soft copy)
  • 100-200 word description of the dance/performance
  • 100-200 word interpretation of the theme
  • Music in CD/MP3 format (or may be mailed instead)

MedRhythmia: Requirements inside long brown envelope:

  • 4R picture of the group (softcopy).
  • Each choir member must submit a photocopy of his/her identification card and Certificate of Registration (AY 2010-2011) or certification signed by the Dean.
  • Photocopy of the choice piece.
  • A short write-up (about 100-200 words long) for your introduction (may include names of the singers, description of the choice piece, etc.)
  • Draft a list of participants
  • Draw lots for rehearsal, for order of performance on event day itself
venue logistics ust
  • Get the dean involved in the project
  • Reserve venue, secure the permit and other necessary forms
  • Reserve and procure equipment:
    • Walkie talkies
    • Big table for awards/trophies
    • Mic and mic stands: 3 for chorale(boom mic), 3 for hosts(wireless), 1 for podium
    • LCD(2), screen (2), laptops (2)
    • Timer, cue boards (3)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Lights and Sounds
  • Optional: Additional Effects (Smoke machine, special effects, etc), P5000
  • Reserve extra dressing rooms (apart from backstage area)
  • Reserve parking slots