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Blood Part II

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Blood Part II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blood Part II. AMTP, 2009. Blood Type. Reactions with sera. Blood Typing Activity. Cameron (1)- Camden (2)- Marcela (3)- Kayvan (4)- Jim (5)-. Blood Cell Count. First view at 10 x Draw what you see in the field of view Then view at 40 x Draw what you see with the field of view

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blood part ii

Blood Part II

AMTP, 2009

blood typing activity
Blood Typing Activity

Cameron (1)-

Camden (2)-

Marcela (3)-

Kayvan (4)-

Jim (5)-

blood cell count
Blood Cell Count
  • First view at 10 x
  • Draw what you see in the field of view
  • Then view at 40 x
  • Draw what you see with the field of view
  • Count the number of red blood cells in the field of view at 40X
  • Count clumped together cells separately
  • Calculate the average of three cell counts
  • Multiply by 150,000 to get the #/cc
question 1
Question 1
  • A patient comes into your clinic asking the following question: “I am trying to figure out what blood type the father of my son could have since my son and I are both type A+.  My brother is type 0 and my mom is A+. ” Explain how you get your answer.
  • The father could be:A. A, AB, B, or OB. Either A or BC. Either A or O
question 2
Question 2
  • What is the blood type consistency of two parents who are O+ who have 8 children? 2 of 8 are reported to be O+ and O-. Does that seem to be likely?? -
  • A. LikelyB. Unlikely
question 3
Question 3

- A client comes to you asking, “What is the likelihood that a parent with A+ blood and a parent with B- blood, would have a son with O- blood?

question 4
Question 4

- A heart patient is given a blood transfusion and dies soon after. The heart patient had type A+ blood. She was transfused with AB+ blood. Explain why the transfusion led to death by using the terms such as red blood cells, antigens, and antibodies.