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Operating System Checklist

Computer Checklist(s) If your system is slow? One of these could be the problem Virus’s, spyware, malware, greyware, bho’s, popups, Trojans, worms, rootkits, keyloggers, Backdoors! Does the system have a virus checker(s)? “Virus” Updates Does the system have a spyware checker(s)?

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Operating System Checklist

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  1. Computer Checklist(s) If your system is slow? One of these could be the problem • Virus’s, spyware, malware, greyware, bho’s, popups, Trojans, worms, rootkits, keyloggers, Backdoors! Does the system have a virus checker(s)? “Virus” Updates Does the system have a spyware checker(s)? Run free online checks often Firewall (software or router)? Cookies may not be all bad? But most spyware is bad! Are there any conflicts in device manager? Control Panel, system, Hardware Checks Operating System Checklist • Use Windows Utilities to troubleshoot or change startup-Msconfig No conflicts allowed Noises, fans, smell, cables, dust • Backups- restore (points) Disk Indexing? Turn off! Performance Enhancements Temp & Temporary Internet files Cleanup with utilities or inside Internet Explorer Uninstall Before Deleting Any software!! • Driver updates, windows updates, firmware updates, device parameters Fragmented Disk(s) • Reboot upon any • windows failure! Registry Cleanup / Defrag • All search bars are not nice! Use known utilities to accomplish this! Dale Finley 214-244-2100 Cell Right cable hookups, master/slave etc.

  2. Things U can do • Do virus and spyware updates and full system checks! • If you system is slow, you may have been hijacked. A good spyware checker and firewall will help. • Msconfig will let you check/uncheck boxes for startup programs that eat up your patience and system resources. Start/run/msconfig • Do windows updates often. Manually or automatically. Launch IE and then do tools, windows update • Do system defragmentation once a month. Start/all programs/accessories/system tools, disk defragmenter • Reboot after any software uninstall or any windows error. • Always Uninstall software instead of just deleting the files. Start/control panel/ add or remove programs • Watch out for phishing emails asking for you to update your profile, personal information. • 10. Watch out for spam emails. Do not click on their link in the email. Always go to the link manually via Internet Explorer address bar. • 11. Do system backups of your pictures and data files (often) and more importantly, know how to restore (copy your files) from a floppy or CD back onto your system. • 12. Disk indexing, I believe with today’s fast computers is NOT necessary. This only slows down your system performance. Start/my computer/drive c:/properties uncheck the box. • 13. I believe most unasked for Popups are bad. I use Google tool bar instead of Yahoo, MSN, etc. • www.google.com more toolbar, take defaults. This will block popups and put a search bar below your address bar in IE. • 14. Active X plug-ins and other plug-ins are potentially bad. • 15. Reboot after any major system software install or change! • 16. Use free online checks from www.norton.com or www.mcafee.com or www.trendmicro.com • or Microsoft’s http://safety.live.com OFTEN for virus checks, spyware checks! • 17. Use the disk cleanup utility in accessories to cleanup your system of recycle bin, temp files, etc. Start/all programs/accessories/system tools/disk cleanup • 18. Beware of downloading files. It is best to download them to a known folder, then do a manual virus scan of the file(s) before installing. • 19. JPG or picture virus’s. There’s an old 2004 virus, W32.Perrun but this is old and with new windows and virus updates, this should not be a problem. • 20. Not all attachments in emails are bad but you should save them to a folder and scan before opening the file. • 21. Identity theft is something you should be conscious of. Old computers (hard disk) can contain your data. Remove the hard disk before trashing or giving away your compute. • 22. Remember, there are a lot of RIGHT MOUSE clicks. • 23. Use clipboard to copy/paste files or pictures to/from the clipboard. • CTRL + C to copy. CTRL + V to paste into an email, word document, etc. • 24. When in doubt, hit F1 for Help in any software. Learn shortcuts to make your work easier. • 25. WATCH OUT FOR NEW SONY HIDDEN VIRUS/SPYWARE FROM MUSICE CD’S. These are • are new – 2005 that will infect your system with “rootkits” which a BAD virus. • 26. When in doubt, do a google search on your subject, such as “how to get rid of virus”. • When all else fails, please call me. I am retired and looking for consulting work. • Dale Finley 214-244-2100 cell or email me at dalefinley@onebox.com KB5NFT

  3. Mouse, Printer, Hard Drive, Keyboard, CD/DVD, Modem, Network, Internet, Wireless, Keyboard, Slow, Backup/Restore, Time/Date • MOUSE - Skippy or Slow or Won’t Work • 1) Either the mouse is dirty or the system is busy (see SLOW below) • 2) Clean track ball and rollers by removing circular ring holding the ball in the socket. Then clean the rollers [usually a small ring of lint is wrapped around the rollers (2each)] Clean with a small sharp instrument and then clean the ball and socket. • 3) Make sure your mouse is plugged in good, then reboot system. • PRINTER - Will not Print, Print quality bad, Paper Jammed, • 1) Check Ink cartridge (s), check to see if the • small scotch tape is removed [do not remove the brass]. • 2) Check to see if print spooler is full of print jobs. Double click • on the printer icon on the task bar and CANCEL all jobs AND • you may have to turn off your printer to empty the printer’s • cache memory, then retry printing. • 3) Some printers won’t print or come ready if one of the cartridges • is not inserted properly and the tape tab is not pulled off. • 4) Printer driver is not installed. Always install USB printer software • first, then PLUG in your printer to complete the software install. • 5) Check to see if paper is installed and not jammed. Turn it off to recycle printer initialization / power up sequence after clearing problem. • HARD DRIVE – Busy, slow, LED on all the time, or Won’t Boot • 1) A hard drive that is “busy”, ie, the LED is on all the time when • you are not doing anything could indicate a bad hard drive, • but usually indicates lots of hard disk activity, maybe a virus, • spyware, self cleanup or defrag in the background, or your virus • or spyware is doing an update, or windows is doing an update. • 2) This can cause your mouse to be “skippy” or slow to respond. • 3) If you hear a bad noise coming from the hard, stop what you are doing and BACKUP all your files (word, excel, pictures, etc.). The hard drive could be on the way to a BIG CRASH. Do not reboot until you backup everything (not windows) but your files you created so tirelessly. • Dale Finley 214 244-2100 Cell in Carrollton, TX

  4. HARD DRIVE (continued) 4) If your system won’t boot up into windows, try the following: Reboot or try to reboot (ie shutdown, restart. I would not power it down just yet). While the system is booting up, try using the F8 function key to go into the safe mode. Let it boot up into the safe mode (note the screen will look “funky” – it’s ok), then exit safe mode by doing start/restart. If this fails, then power off, wait 30 seconds and then try rebooting… If this fails, call me. This is BAD, you could loose all your data (not the programs). I can try to recover it by using one of my many tools and techniques. I can USUALLY slave your drive to another drive and recover your pictures and data files. Maybe ??. The hard drive may have really crashed. I can tell with my tools. Hard drive recovery is expensive, so backup your data. Please. ALWAYS save OR save as BEFORE PRINTING. KEYBOARD – Won’t work, Locked, Wrong keys printed on screen 1) Check to see if keyboard cable is plugged in. This will require a reboot if it is partially unplugged. Windows does not like the keyboard to be unplugged. …

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