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What to do with Spyware and Adware PowerPoint Presentation
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What to do with Spyware and Adware

What to do with Spyware and Adware

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What to do with Spyware and Adware

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  1. What to do with Spyware and Adware Created by Justin Leung

  2. Table of Contents • Introduction • What is Spyware? • What is Adware? • How does Spyware and Adware work? • How to detect if your computer has Spyware/Adware • What programs are there to help get rid of them? • Rating of the Programs • Recommendations

  3. Introduction Welcome to the What to do with Spyware and Adware Powerpoint presentation! This presentation will talk about: • What is Spyware and Adware • How can you detect symptoms of these programs on your computer • Rating of selected Spyware and Adware killing programs • Recommendations by the technicians.

  4. What is Spyware and Adware? • They are independent programs that can be automatically installed when you surf throughout the internet or when you install free software.

  5. What is Spyware? • Advertising companies uses spyware to “mine data” to further help them advertise better. • Uses your Internet connection and reports statistical data about you and your surfing habits a 3rd party • Violating your privacy. • And is a completely LEGAL program!

  6. What is Adware? • Adware are created by advertising companies • Comes in the form of popups, unexplained advertising programs on your computer desktop like “Casino Night”. • Advertising companies hope to generate money from customers who receive the popups or unexplained programs on their computers. • Also a LEGAL program!

  7. How was Spyware/Adware work? • Spyware and Adware programs have a tendency to hide as cookie or temporary internet files • Adware startup has the tendency to hide itself in the register keys as normal program.

  8. How to detect you computer has spyware or adware… • Continuous popups • Persistent change in your homepage. • Slower computer processing, takes the computer longer to process or startup.

  9. Extreme symptoms of spyware or adware… • Internet browser does not start up. • Parts of your computer you cannot access without freezing. • Major core data is lost or changed.

  10. What programs are there to help get rid of those programs? Out of many programs out in the internet that were created to detecting spyware/adware, four programs were chosen for this presentation.. They are: • Spybot Search and Destroy • Ad-aware 6.0 • Symantec AntiVirus • Spysweeper

  11. Rating Topics I gave each program a rating for: • Detecting and destroying spyware/adware • Additional features to protect the computer • User Friendly (How easy is it for an average Joe to use?) • Updates in their spyware/adware definitions • Cost to buy this product • Recommendations from the technicians here at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories. Rating is from 1( Very poor) to 5 (Very good). Note: Each program tested detected certain programs that the other 3 had not discovered. The rating for “Detecting and destroying spyware/adware” is judged by the number of spyware/adware programs that were detected in comparison to the others.

  12. Spybot Search and Destroy • Type: Spyware Killer • Rating: • Detect/Destroy: 3 • Additional Features: 3 • User Friendly: 5 • Updates: 2 • Cost: 5 (Free) • Recommendations: 3 • Advantages: • Has a Recovery feature that allows you to restore any files you may be deleted infected with spyware • Has an Immunity feature that protects you from already known spywares • Disadvantages: • Infrequent updates cause spywares to slip past scans and immunity • Comments: • Good program, but because of slow updates of spyware definitions, it renders the program not as useful

  13. Spy Sweeper • Type: Spyware/ Adware (Free Version) • Rating: • Detect/Destroy: 4 • Additional Features: 4 • User Friendly: 5 • Updates: 1 (Free version) • Cost: 3 ($29.95) • Recommendations: 4 • Advantages: • Has a immunity shield that blocks known spywares. • Disadvantages: • Takes a while to scan. • Unless you pay for the Spy-Sweeper, it does not come with definition updates. • Comments: • Effective program, only backdraw is the payment you need to make yearly to keep the program updated.

  14. Norton Symantec AntiVirus • Type: Virus/ Spyware/ Adware • Rating: • Detect/Destroy: 1 • Additional Features: 5 • User Friendly: 1 • Updates: 5 • Cost: 1 ($69.95) • Recommendations: 1 • Advantages: • Can detect viruses, hacking programs, spyware programs, adware programs, joke programs etc. • Comes with a firewall. • Disadvantages: • Detects very few adware/spyware programs • Very confusing to use. • Comments: • Norton Symantec still has ways to go in detecting adware/spyware programs

  15. Ad-aware 6.0 • Type: Adware • Rating: • Detect/Destroy: 4 • Additional Features: 2 • User Friendly: 5 • Updates: 5 • Cost: 2 ($39.95) • Recommendations: 5 • Advantages: • Easy to use scanning. • Detailed logs of where the adware and spyware programs are hidden. • Disadvantages: • Ad-aware was built was adware, so its ability to catch spyware is restricted • Comments: • Effective Program. A bit on the costly side but its well worth it.

  16. Recommendations • Preventing spyware and adware from getting onto your computer is your first step! • Do not download unnecessary software from the internet, especially free ones because they most likely have adware or spyware inside them. • If a download screen appears, asking you to confirm your download, click no if you not trying to install anything. • Avoid clicking advertised popups especially ones that mention “free” stuff if possible.

  17. Recommendations • Technical Recommendations • Some adware/spyware files like to hide in the temporary internet folders. • Disable saving of temporary files by going to Program Files, Control Panel, Network and Internet Connections, Internet Options, Temporary Internet Files Settings, Check Never under “Check for Newer Version of Stored Pages”. • Constantly delete old temporary files and cookies by going to Program Files, Control Panel, Network and Internet Connections, Internet Options, Delete Cookies and Delete Temporary Files. • Remember though, adware and spyware can be tricky, no matter how cautious you are, there are bound to be adware or spyware programs that install into your computer. • Always constantly scan your computer for adware and spyware and keep your Adware/Spyware killer programs fully updated at all times.

  18. Recommendations • Recommended Spyware/ Adware Killers without any restraints • The “Tri-Killer” combination: • Ad-aware 6.0 Professional Edition: Primary scanner • Spy-sweeper paid version: Primary scanner and use their immune guards. • Spybot Free Edition: Scan for any spyware Spy-Sweeper may have missed. • Recommended Spyware/ Adware Killers with a price restraints • Ad-aware 6.0 Free Edition: Primary Scanner • Spy-Sweeper paid version: Primary Scanner • Spybot Free Edition: Scan for any spyware Spy-Sweeper may have missed • Recommended Spyware/ Adware Killers with a time restraints (not recommended) • Ad-aware 6.0 Free Edition: Primary Scanner: Fast Scan Mode • Spybot Free Edition: • Suggestion: Spyware/ Adware killers are suppose to take time to scan, if you have time restraints, turn on the scanners, leave them running and go do something.

  19. Thank you for watching! Any questions please ask!

  20. References • • • • For those interesting more in this topic, here are some links:

  21. Future Add-Ons • A detailed graph of the amounts of spyware/adware that was found during research. • Additional software should be tested. • Discover is there a software that can detect and destroy both adware and spyware effectively