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  1. Adware By: Kevin Garnett, Charlie wancy, Go Diego Go, Batman braggster.

  2. What is Adware • is any software application in which advertising banners are displayed while the program is running. It also a software that downloaded to your computer to show you advertisements. Object of the adware is to generate revenue for its author.

  3. What is Adware • To a software developer adware is helpful and a good thing. To a user adware may just be annoying, distraction, or interruption. The negative side of adware is that the user frequently is totally unaware that they now have allowed this adware to invade their private computer. Some adware functions as a data collector. It tracks where on the Internet the user visits. Once the user is at a particular website, the adware displays advertisements related to that website's content.

  4. How does it work? • a software application that is programmed to display a banner, a popup ad, or some other form of advertising, the adware threat to your computer is dependant on what has been coded into the advertising, adware can be as simple as an annoying add, or so serious your personal information is in jeopardy,

  5. How does it work • adware installs files on your computer without you knowing, giving the ability to change advertising campaigns based on your personal surfing habits, adware downloads to your computer usually involve tracking your movements on the net, and collecting information about you,

  6. How does it work • malware is also a form of adware and is often seen attached to freeware or shareware software, malware will run even when you are not using the software it came with, it will collect information and send it back to the originating server, jeopardizing your privacy, malware can also create system problems, if your computer seems to be running slower and slower, it could be a result of one or more malware programs running in the background, these programs are constantly accessing the internet and using your system resources,

  7. How Does It Work • always read the End User License Agreement, to see exactly what you are agreeing to for the privilege of using their software, one of the most common ploys used by software companies is to tell you they need to have a peer to peer connection to provide you with updates, and for their software or website to run correctly, screensavers are a perfect example of this type of marketing

  8. What damage does/can it inflict on a computer/network? • It takes up space on the hard drive causing the computer to slow down; increasing the time it takes for material, such as web pages, to load.

  9. What damage does/can it inflict on a computer/network? • Some adware functions as a data collector. It tracks where on the Internet the user visits. Once the user is at a particular website, the adware displays advertisements related to that website's content.

  10. How does a computer become infected with adware • You can catch this type of malware by using an unsecure network - ex: going to a Starbucks in Mexico, and logging on to there unsecure Wifi through your wifi enabled device • Sharing a flash/usb drive - ex: a friend of yours could have a computer infected with adware and this could slip onto your flsh/usb device. When you put this on your own computer it will now be infected with adware 

  11. How does a computer become infected with adware • Opening suspicious emails or web links -ex: If you receive an email from the prince of Congo, or if you won a million dollars in an african lottery company, that you never signed up for or heard of. • downloading untrusted programs or unknown programs. - If a websites requires you to download a program to see a part of a website this could be a way to get adware.

  12. Recommended Steps To Avoid Adware • major way to prevent it is to get adware-blocking software like ad-aware.

  13. Recommended steps to avoid adware • Don’t open websites that look suspicious. A suspicious website would be a website that asks for to much information or requires a download to access the website is very suspicious. • Don’t open emails from people you don’t know. These emails will say you have won something and require you to click on a link. This link might just be adware.

  14. Vocab Words • Ad/Advertisement- A banner, screen or image that tries to sell you products or services over the internet, when you click on it, it redirects you to another page. • Pop-Ups- An advertisement that appears on your screen randomly and can be annoying to get rid of, clicking [x] can make these ads reappear in larger quantities.

  15. Vocab Words • Spyware- Software that is loaded onto your computer without the user noticing, steals vital and personal information • Adware- Name used to describe software that is given to the user with advertisements embedded in the application.

  16. Vocab Words • Malware- Any software that you do not want on your computer, including key loggers, adware, spyware etc. • Key logger- Software that comes along with spyware/adware that tracks anything that you type into the keyboard • Anti-Virus Software that blocks and protects viruses and can delete adware/spyware

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