preparing for the new geospatial metadata horizon l.
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Preparing for the New Geospatial Metadata Horizon PowerPoint Presentation
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Preparing for the New Geospatial Metadata Horizon

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Preparing for the New Geospatial Metadata Horizon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparing for the New Geospatial Metadata Horizon. ESRI User Conference San Diego, CA ● July 9, 2003 Lynda Wayne Federal Geographic Data Committee GeoMaxim. Why change our standard?. Politically… responsible member of international geospatial community Technically… improved normalization

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Presentation Transcript
preparing for the new geospatial metadata horizon

Preparing for the NewGeospatial Metadata Horizon

ESRI User Conference

San Diego, CA ●July 9, 2003

Lynda Wayne

Federal Geographic Data Committee GeoMaxim

why change our standard
Why change our standard?


  • responsible member of international geospatial community


  • improved normalization
  • enhanced capabilities
  • interoperability
what is the status of the iso metadata standard
What is the status of the ISO metadata standard?

CSDGM remains the US geospatial metadata standard

ISO 19115

  • design only
  • approved by ISO

ISO 19139

  • implementation
  • draft submitted June 2003

ISO 19103, 19109, 19111

  • elements defined externally to ISO 19115/10139 e.g measurements and feature/attribute schemas
  • most in draft form
what s new with iso metadata
What’s new with ISO metadata?
  • Content
    • CSDGM similar and new elements
    • domains and conditionality
    • core metadata
  • Format
    • UML / XML
    • Multi-level metadata
iso metadata new content
ISO Metadata: New Content

CSDGM Similar Elements

  • same

metadata standard name

  • new terminology and definitions

CSDGM = Originator

ISO = Responsible party

w/ role =





iso metadata new content6
ISO Metadata: New Content

New (non-CSDGM) Elements

  • International elements

Data / Metadata language

  • Extended elements

CSDGM = geographic and temporal extent

ISO = geographic, temporal, and vertical extent

  • Lacking elements

ISO Topic category – 19standardized subject categories to facilitate data discovery

iso metadata new content7
ISO Metadata: New Content

Topic Categories – select one or more

boundaries oceans transportation

economy society

elevation structure

environment geoscientific_information

health imagery_basemaps_earthcover

inland waters planning_cadastre

location utilities_telecommunications


iso metadata new content8
ISO Metadata: New Content

Domains and Conditionality

  • Fixed domains and code lists in place of free text

Responsible party - role and Topic categories represented as numeric codes

    • role = originator (006)
    • topic category = transportation (018)
  • Fewer mandatory elements

Core contains only 7 mandatory elements

  • More optional elements
iso metadata new content9
ISO Metadata: New Content

ISO Core Metadata

  • 22 basic metadata elements be that must be maintained for a dataset
  • includes mandatory, conditional, and optional elements
  • all national profiles of ISO must include the core
iso metadata new content10




ISO Metadata: New Content

Building the national profile

iso metadata core metadata
ISO Metadata: Core Metadata

mandatory elements: CSDGM

Dataset title Title

Dataset reference date Publication_Date

Abstract Abstract

Metadata point of contact Metadata_Contact

Metadata date stamp Metadata_Date

Dataset language

virtual default for US data sets

Dataset topic category


iso metadata core metadata12
ISO Metadata: Core Metadata

conditional elements:CSDGM

Geographic location Bounding_Coordinates

- if documenting a data set

Dataset character set

Metadata character set

- if other than UCS

Metadata language

- if not encoded


iso metadata core metadata13
ISO Metadata: Core Metadata

optional elements:CSDGM

Dataset responsible party Originator

Spatial resolution (for raster) Abscissa/Ordinate Resolut.

Distribution format Format_Name

Additional extent-temporal Time_Period_of_Content

Spatial representation Direct_Spatial_Reference

Reference system Horizontal_Coord_System

Lineage Lineage

iso metadata core metadata14
ISO Metadata: Core Metadata

optional elements:CSDGM

Online resource Online_Linkage &


Metadata standard name Metadata_Standard_Name

Metadata standard version Metadata_Standard_Vers.

Metadata file identifier

filename for metadata record

Spatial resolution (for vector)

e.g. equivalent scale 1:24,000


iso metadata new format
ISO Metadata: New Format

19115 UML Design: entity relationships

iso metadata new format16
ISO Metadata: New Format

19115 Data Dictionary: content specifications

iso metadata new format17
ISO Metadata: New Format

19139 XML Schema: metadata record format

iso metadata new format18
ISO Metadata: New Format

Implications: the good news….

XML schema supports consistent and robust implementation via software tools

  • format and exchange

- current implementation via txt, doc, db file, etc

- exchange format is txt

  • internal metadata harvesting and other automated features
iso metadata new format19
ISO Metadata: New Format

Multi-level metadata

Meta can be created for different levels:

  • Data Series - wetlands
  • Dataset - Paducah wetlands
  • Feature Type - marsh
  • Feature Instance - Mandy’s Marsh
  • Attribute Type - Salinity
  • Attribute Instance - actual % water salinity
iso metadata new format20
ISO Metadata: New Format

ISO Metadata: New Format

Implications: the bad news….

Standard can no longer be ‘read’ by most geospatial data developers

  • greater dependency on tools
  • lack of direct contact with the standard will be difficult for some metadata creators, analogous to moving from command line to GUI
what about my legacy metadata
What about my legacy metadata?

Crosswalks drafted for:

  • CSDGM Vers. 2.0
  • Dublin Core, others

Conversion software in development

  • sponsored by FGDC
  • ESRI and Intergraph/SMMS development partners
how do i prepare
How do I prepare?


  • Continue metadata creation using CSDGM vers.2 !!!
  • Use ISO-poised software
    • ESRI ArcCatalog
    • Intergraph / SMMS
  • Add Topic Categories as a custom element or theme keywords with ‘ISO 19115’ as keyword thesaurus
  • Monitor FGDC website for news, materials, and training opportunities
how do i prepare23
How do I prepare?


  • Participate in FGDC review of crosswalk
  • Participate in INCITS-L1 19139 reviews
  • Educate and inform your organization that a migration, and assistance, is in the future
  • Develop a metadata conversion plan using crosswalks and conversion software
  • Adopt ‘CSDGM vers. 3.0’ when finalized
for more information
For More Information


Sharon Shin, FGDC Metadata Coordinator

Lynda Wayne, FGDC / GeoMaxim

for more information25
For More Information


FGDC Metadata Website:

ISO 19139 /Crosswalk Efforts


What are your ISO metadata questions and concerns?

for more information28
For more information:

ANSI Review

Julie Maitra Binder, FGDC Standards Coordinator

for more information29
For more information:

ISO 19115 to CSDGM Vers. 2.0

Conversion Software

Bruce Westcott, SMMS Metadata Consultant


iso topic categories
ISO: Topic Categories


farming health structure

biota imagery location

boundaries military oceans

economy society

elevation environment

atmosphere inland waters

geoscientific planning / cadastre

transportation utilities/communications

what s new with iso 19115
What’s new with ISO 19115?

New Terminology

Replaced terms

Data / Metadata Language

  • Extended elements

Extent: geographic, temporal, vertical

  • Specified elements

Logical Consistency: conceptual, domain, format, topology

  • Hierarchical elements
what s new with iso 1911533





Point of Contact




Processing Contact



Distribution Contact


Metadata Contact


What’s new with ISO 19115?

New Design Method: Object Oriented

what is iso
What is ISO?

International Organisation for Standards

  • International standards organization - ANSI is US rep to ISO
  • US is one of approximately 92 member nations
what is the iso metadata standard
What is the ISO metadata standard?

ISO metadata is one component of

ISO TC 211

Geographic Information / Geomatics

Joint Steering Group on

Spatial Standardization and

Related Interoperability

iso tc 211

WG 1


and reference


ISO/TC 211

ISO/TC 211






WG 5

WG 3

WG 4

WG 2


data admin



Profiles and



models and


10. Cataloguing

11. Geodetic reference systems

12. Indirect reference systems

13. Quality

14. Quality evaluation procedures

15. Metadata

16. Positioning services

17. Portrayal of geographic information

18. Encoding

19. Services

6. Profiles Reports

Functional standards

Raster and Gridded Data

1. Reference model

2. Overview

3. Conceptual schema language

4. Terminology

5. Conformance and testing

7. Spatial subschema

8. Temporal subschema

9. Rules for application schema

20. Spatial operators

iso tc 21137
ISO/TC 211

Several CSDGM-traditional elements are defined externally to ISO 19115/10139:

ISO 19103

- measurement (distance, angles, units of measure)

ISO 19109

- features, attributes, properties

ISO 19111

- vertical datum

………………most are working documents