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what to expect on your field trip to the arizona science center n.
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What to expect on your field trip to the Arizona Science Center PowerPoint Presentation
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What to expect on your field trip to the Arizona Science Center

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What to expect on your field trip to the Arizona Science Center
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What to expect on your field trip to the Arizona Science Center

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  1. What to expect on your field trip to the Arizona Science Center

  2. Your bus will stop here, where it’s safe to get out.

  3. Your bus will be parked here while you’re in the Science Center. It will drive back around to the bus stop to pick you up when you’re done.

  4. Your group will be met by a member of our staff. They’ll be wearing a blue or dark-green shirt.

  5. Once you’re all off the bus you will make your way in through these doors and into the theater.

  6. Our staff will give you a sticker with your group’s name on it. You’ll wear the sticker on the front of your shirt and keep it on the whole time you’re at the Science Center.

  7. You will put your lunches in a bin and we will store them for you until it’s lunch time. The bin will be labeled with your school’s name so that lunches don’t get mixed up.

  8. In the theater you will find out more about the Arizona Science Center. One of the things you’ll learn is that you need to stay with your chaperone at all times. You’ll also find out about any movies or planetarium shows you may be going to see.

  9. If your group is going to see a film here is where you line up. This is on the first floor, right outside the theater you first go into when you arrive. Get in line about 5 minutes before the show is due to start.

  10. You may be going to see a planetarium presentation. Here’s where you line up.

  11. Once you leave the theater you will be able to start exploring! As you leave the theater, the lobby is to the right. To the left is the main corridor. Go down this corridor to start exploring the different areas (called galleries) in the Science Center.

  12. The main lobby is on the first floor.

  13. There’s lots of useful stuff in the lobby. There is always a staff member at the information desk to answer your questions. Lost and Found is here too. Check this information board to find out about any special demonstrations, activities, and exhibits.

  14. There are restrooms in the lobby. They’re by the main entry doors, behind the stairwell.

  15. Waterworks The Waterworks fountain is one of our most popular exhibits. It’s right outside the lobby. You can experiment with controlling the water and see how it moves. Remember - the fountain is not for swimming!

  16. The first gallery on the first floor is the Freeman Gallery. You may also see a live demonstration on the NRG stage in this gallery.

  17. All About You is the main gallery on the first floor. It’s all about the human body.

  18. You may see a demonstration in the All About You Demonstration Theater.

  19. There are restrooms at the back of the All About You gallery. Go past the color wall screen and head to the purple wall.

  20. The gallery on the second floor is called Networks. There are an amateur radio station, computer kiosks, and an ant farm in here.

  21. There are lots of stairways in the Science Center. Stay with your chaperone so no one gets lost!

  22. On the way up to the third floor, you’ll find the Music Landing.

  23. On the third floor you’ll find the World Around You gallery.

  24. You may participate in a workshop in the Geology Lab.

  25. There are restrooms on third floor. Walk to the back of the World Around You gallery to find the restrooms.

  26. The Fab Lab is also on the third floor.

  27. In the Fab Lab you can spin, ride the pulley chairs, and launch paper planes.

  28. The fourth floor is an art gallery. The easiest way to get to the fourth floor is in the elevator. Sometimes the fourth floor is closed – For example, when we are putting in new exhibits and artwork.

  29. You may also see some temporary exhibitions during your trip. These exhibits only stay in the Science Center for a few months. Then we replace them with something new. Even if you’ve been to the Science Center before, there is probably something new to see now!

  30. You will have lunch outside with the rest of your group.

  31. There are lots of places where you can have your lunch. If it rains you’ll be able to eat inside.

  32. At the end of your trip you may be able to visit the Science Store. Remember to stay with your chaperone!

  33. Your chaperone will know what time you are leaving. They will take you to the same spot where you arrived and your bus will be waiting for you.

  34. Enjoy your field trip -- and visit us again soon!