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Knee Lab. BONY PALPATION:. Medial Aspect. medial tibial plateau . medial joint line . medial femoral condyle . medial femoral epicondyle . adductor tubercle . Lateral Aspect. lateral tibial plateau . lateral joint line . lateral femoral condyle . lateral femoral epicondyle .

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Quadriceps l.jpg

Rectus femoris

Vastus lateralis

Vastus medialis

Vastus intermedius is below rectus femoris

Lateral aspect47 l.jpg

Lateral Aspect semitendinosus)

Lateral meniscus l.jpg
lateral meniscus semitendinosus)

Iliotibial band l.jpg
iliotibial band semitendinosus)

Special tests l.jpg

SPECIAL TESTS semitendinosus)

Valgus stress test l.jpg
valgus stress test semitendinosus)

Valgus stress test53 l.jpg
valgus stress test semitendinosus)



Varus stress test l.jpg
varus stress test semitendinosus)

Lachman s test l.jpg
lachman’s test semitendinosus)

Lachman s test56 l.jpg
lachman’s test semitendinosus)



Anterior drawer test l.jpg
anterior drawer test semitendinosus)

Anterior drawer test58 l.jpg
anterior drawer test semitendinosus)



Slocum drawer test l.jpg
slocum drawer test semitendinosus)

To perform the Hughston test, apply a posterior force

Pivot shift test l.jpg
pivot shift test semitendinosus)

Pivot shift test61 l.jpg
pivot shift test semitendinosus)



Posterior drawer test l.jpg
posterior drawer test semitendinosus)



Posterior sag test l.jpg
posterior sag test semitendinosus)

Godfrey s test l.jpg
Godfrey’s test semitendinosus)

Mcmurray s test l.jpg
McMurray’s test semitendinosus)

Apley compression test l.jpg
Apley compression test semitendinosus)

Apley distraction test l.jpg
Apley distraction test semitendinosus)

Patellar apprehension l.jpg
patellar apprehension semitendinosus)

Patellar grind l.jpg
patellar grind semitendinosus)

Ballotable patella l.jpg
ballotable patella semitendinosus)

Sweep test l.jpg
sweep test semitendinosus)