international roles of sports l.
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International Roles of Sports

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International Roles of Sports International Olympic Committee (IOC) Armen Keteyian HBO, CBS Sports The International Olympic Committee (IOC) does not act in the athletes ’ interest. (As a result,) IOC should not have the moral authority to control international sports.

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international roles of sports

International Roles of Sports

International Olympic Committee


armen keteyian hbo cbs sports
Armen KeteyianHBO, CBS Sports
  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) does not act in the athletes’ interest.
  • (As a result,) IOC should not have the moral authority to control international sports.
robert butcher ethics consultant canadian center for ethics and sport
Robert ButcherEthics Consultant, Canadian Center for Ethics and Sport
  • The IOC is hard to explain.
  • The IOC has power to protect its image.
robert huizenga peter gent
Robert Huizenga & Peter Gent
  • The IOC is a big business.
  • Money drives the decisions of the IOC.
  • Peter Gent believes that the Japanese IOC representative owned the land at Nagano.

Robert Huizenga - Professor of Medicine @ UCLA

Peter Gent - Author of North Dollars Forty

angela schneider assistant professor @ univ of western ontario
Angela SchneiderAssistant Professor @ Univ. of Western Ontario
  • Different values in societies result in conflicts at international competitions.
  • Those who do not share your values often show their dislike for you.
  • Ethical problems come out of different concepts of the ideal athlete.
todd boyd ph d professor @ usc
Todd Boyd, Ph.D.Professor @ USC
  • International sports is about marketing, fame, and money.
  • Sports is not about playing ball anymore.
daniel e doyle jr founder and executive director inst for int sport
Daniel E. Doyle, Jr.Founder and Executive Director, Inst. for Int. Sport
  • International sportsmanship day is spreading to many countries around the globe.
  • International sportsmanship day can help counteract negative global realities in the world.
william morgan professor @ u of tennessee
William MorganProfessor @ U. of Tennessee
  • Olympics are international festival.
  • International sports success enhances national pride.
  • International competition can develop national self-esteem and dispel negative national stereotypes.
  • Sports are an import metaphor for human life and provide powerful images of who we are.
jim perry senior lecturer @ leeds university england
Jim PerrySenior Lecturer @ Leeds University, England
  • Some say there are too many rules, but a few more could improve safety and fairness.
  • Vested economic and social interests maintain the status quo.
richard lapchick founder of c s s s @ northeastern university
Richard LapchickFounder of C.S.S.S.* @ Northeastern University
  • Project teamwork teaches kids around the world about race relations.
  • Using sports to integrate South Africa.
  • Mandela thought the sports boycott was most influential against apartheid.
  • If Mandela can become president of South Africa, then anything is possible including living in peace together.

* Center for the Study of Sport in Society at Northeastern University