inland marine transportation system imts l.
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Inland Marine Transportation System (IMTS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Inland Marine Transportation System (IMTS)

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Inland Marine Transportation System (IMTS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IMTS Inland Marine Transportation System (IMTS) Update on IMTS for GICA 104 th Annual Convention Jim Walker, HQUSACE Aug 13, 2009 BUILDING STRONG ® What Waterways are included in IMTS? Over12,000 Miles of waterways 241 Locks and Dams >60% of domestic waterborne tonnage

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Inland Marine Transportation System (IMTS)

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inland marine transportation system imts


Inland Marine Transportation System (IMTS)

Update on IMTS for

GICA 104th Annual Convention

Jim Walker, HQUSACE

Aug 13, 2009


what waterways are included in imts
What Waterways are included in IMTS?

Over12,000 Miles of waterways

241 Locks and Dams

>60% of domestic waterborne tonnage

why create the imts
Why create the IMTS?
  • Improvements needed to meet the challenge of sustaining system reliability with aging infrastructure
  • Business Process Review (BPR) is sound business practice

Dr. Larry Lang (left) talks to John Branson,

Lockmaster during team visit to Lock 25

Industry Input from Tow Boat Captain: Clay Williams presents ideas to the team

Ideas for Improvement were obtained from workforce and industry

improvement ideas
Improvement Ideas

Business Process Review (BPR) improvements ideas are grouped into three categories and twenty five BPR Topics

Human Capital

System Availability

Operational Improvements

  • #1 asset for Corps Navigation
  • Example: Train and Certify Lock personnel
  • The #1 customer priority
  • Example: Scheduling Major Maintenance
  • Key to customer service
  • Examples: Standard Locking Procedures
implementation concept proposed name
Implementation Concept: proposed name

U.S. Inland Marine Transportation System (IMTS)

  • Nationally recognized & in sync with other federal transportation agencies and the Committee on Marine Transportation System
  • Focuses on long-term stability
  • Indicates enhanced customer focus
implementation concept board of directors
Implementation Concept: Board of Directors
  • Critical requirement: be able to implement procedures (e.g. “Best Practices”) IMTS-wide
  • Concept: process and structure
    • Strengthen existing chain of command
    • Open process with input from industry and workforce on drafts

IMTS Board

Of Directors





Use Virtual Teams with existing personnel

Include input from field experts and customers in drafts

current status of imts
Current Status of IMTS
  • First Executive board meeting in Nov 2008
  • First Working Group Meeting Dec 2008
    • Up and running: picked five BPR Improvement topics to start right away
    • Formed first action teams to get started
    • Committed to implement all improvements over the long-term

Example of Action Team formed:

BPR Improvement Topic #2, Share Corporate Knowledge of Preventive Maintenance & Repair

recent actions of imts

Highest priority

Newsletter, web site

Worked with industry on distribution lists

Conference briefings

March Meeting

Held industry input session

Developed action items to follow up

Example: new member from GIWW

Strengthen outreach to industry

Prioritized remaining Improvement topics

Recent Actions of IMTS

1st Newsletter, Mar 20009

Industry Input Session, Mar 2009

updates on bpr 1 2 3
Updates on BPR #1, #2 & #3
  • BPR #1: Share Corporate Knowledge of Major Maintenance
    • Highly successful Locks Maintenance Workshop 2009 – award for Chad Linna
  • BPR #2: Share Corporate Knowledge of PM & Repair
    • Excellent knowledge capture at regional lockmaster meeting, on schedule to complete by 31 Oct 09
  • BPR #3: Charter approved for Human Resource “Center of Standardization”, preparing to stand up

Mike Ensch presents award to Chad Linna

Locks Maintenance Workshop 2009

updates on bpr 12 13 and 16
Updates on BPR #12, #13 and #16
  • BPR #12: Completed. IMTS Booklet for Plant Acquisition
  • BPR #13: User Guide completed for Plant Replacement and Improvement Program (PRIP)
  • BPR #16 – 5: Nav Locks Condition Assessment.
    • Successful test held in July, on track to complete Oct

Test at Lock 9 on Upper Miss

bpr 20 standard locking procedures
BPR#20 Standard Locking Procedures
  • Request by customers
    • Standardize procedures for locking a boat through (in areas that affect customers)
    • Six individual ideas that including hailing frequencies, handling courtesy lines, turning off engine when inside chambers, etc.)
bpr 20 crew change policy
BPR#20: Crew Change Policy
  • Progress Overview
    • Currently, Crew Change Policy varies by district
    • Goal: IMTS-wide policy
    • Draft policy developed by action team, reviewed by offices at HQ
    • First draft reviewed by industry in July and comments incorporated.

Typical customer journey is through several districts

Crew Change Policy

bpr 20 standard locking procedures13
BPR#20 Standard Locking Procedures
  • Other Major Elements of BPR #20
    • IMTS-wide Nav Notice #1
    • Improve Nav Charts
    • Update Signage at Locks
    • Standard IMTS Uniforms
  • Improve Nav Charts
  • More consistency
  • Add key information
  • to aid customers

Update Signage at Locks

bpr 9 navlocks channel maintenance
Voted as the #1 priority for remaining improvement topics at March Meeting

Action Team to be formed

Key focus for action team: develop scope for this overall topic and the baseline

Special emphasis on “Channel Availability Performance”

BPR #9: NavLocks Channel Maintenance

Note: Coastal Dredging is not included in IMTS

Dredging by Hurley

bpr 16 1 3 scheduling major maintenance
BPR #16-1,3:Scheduling Major Maintenance
  • Started this calendar year in Lakes and Rivers Division
  • Will form action team to expand to other waterways in IMTS where applicable

Major Maintenance work in Lakes and Rivers Division to sustain system availability

benefits of the imts to customers
Benefits of the IMTS to Customers
  • Enhance system reliability and improve customer service
  • Integration across IMTS
    • More consistency across all waterways
    • Greater ability to implement “best practices” and ideas for improvements from workforce & industry

System Reliability: Schedule Major Main.

Customer Service: Standard Locking proc.

how can you participate
How can you participate?
  • How can Industry users participate?
    • Read IMTS newsletters or go to public IMTS web site to read about opportunities to provide input
    • Share your experiences and suggestions at listening sessions at meetings/help us identify meetings where sessions should be held
    • Read draft documents from action teams on proposed improvement ideas at IMTS web site and provide comments
    • Send ideas, suggestions, and comments to e-mail address
questions comments


Questions?? Comments???

Operation & Maintenance

Major Maintenance Projects


Reminder - Send questions or comments on the IMTS by e-mail to

E-mail address:

IMTS Web site for Corps Navigation workforce, industry and public: