david george housing intelligence for the east midlands hi4em march 2010 l.
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David George Housing Intelligence for the East Midlands (hi4em) March 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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David George Housing Intelligence for the East Midlands (hi4em) March 2010

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David George Housing Intelligence for the East Midlands (hi4em) March 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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David George Housing Intelligence for the East Midlands (hi4em) March 2010 Background Regional resource supported by EMRA and GOEM Development: Private sector housing conditions Energy efficiency and fuel poverty Vulnerable households in decent homes Housing markets

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Presentation Transcript
  • Regional resource supported by EMRA and GOEM
  • Development:
    • Private sector housing conditions
    • Energy efficiency and fuel poverty
    • Vulnerable households in decent homes
    • Housing markets
    • Strategy development and Single Conversation
system development
System Development
  • Web site – www.hi4em.org.uk
  • Database with online Business Objects/Infoview reporting tools
  • Online GIS
  • CACI Insite desktop analysis and reporting tools
  • Share Point sites online for Hi4em and DASH user groups and Single Conversation

Who pays?

  • Hi4em is funded by the Regional Housing Group of EMRA
  • Administered by Derby City Council
  • SLA between EMRA and Derby City Council agreed annually
  • Preparation of maps and reports to LAs and HMAs included in SLA
  • Hi4em will only charge for services over and above the standard
single conversation
Single Conversation
  • How does HMA compare with the East Midlands?
  • How do Local Authorities compare with HMA?
  • How are subject areas of concern or interest spatially distributed within the HMA?
  • Which places or neighbourhoods should be analysed in detail?
housing market area report
Housing Market Area Report
  • Compares HMA with East Midlands and Local Authorities with HMA
  • Covers:
    • Population – age, ethnicity, density, projections to 2027
    • Private Sector housing conditions – decent homes failures, low energy efficiency, fuel poverty, tenure
    • Housing Markets – sales volumes, average and lower quartile prices, new sales, house types sold
housing market area report 2
Housing Market Area Report (2)
  • Housing; the built environment – house types, age, size, No of rooms/bedrooms, Council Tax Bands, empty properties
  • Vulnerable households – benefit claimants, JSA claimants analysis, disabilities, private sector vulnerable households in non-decent homes, older population
  • Incomes – average and lower quartile household incomes, working age population
  • Improvement and assistance – homes made decent by LAs, Warm Front Grants, Disabled Facilities Grants
  • Housing demand – waiting lists, affordable housing need, affordability ratios
housing market area report 3
Housing Market Area Report (3)


The headline conclusions that can be teased out of the data

About the Data

A description of the data source giving an indication of reliability and guidance on intended use

housing market area report 4
Housing Market Area Report (4)

Data report

The figures for each data measure with a comparison between the area and a ‘base’ area

HMA data

Data for the whole area is compared with data for the East Midlands

LA data

Data for each LA is compared with the HMA

housing market area report 5
Housing Market Area Report (5)

Charts and tables

Charts and tables are added to ease understanding of the data and the comparisons

data sources
Data sources
  • Sources selected to allow mapping and analysis below LA level where possible
    • Population – Experian Population Projections, ONS Population Projections and experimental ethnicity data, ONS Land Area (COA)
    • Private Sector housing conditions – LA House Condition Surveys, BRE Stock Model, Experian tenure data, (COA) and VOA house type and age and DECC energy consumption (LSOA)
    • Housing Markets – Land Registry, CACI StreetValue (COA)
    • Housing; the built environment – Valuation Office Agency (LSOA), CLG Council Tax, LA Empty Property data (COA)
data sources 2
Data sources (2)
  • Vulnerable households – DWP benefits claimants (LSOA), CACI JSA Profile (COA)
  • Incomes – ASHE (LA), CACI PayCheck (COA), Experian Population 2009 (COA)
  • Improvement and assistance – Local Authorities (COA)
  • Housing demand – HSSA, Hi4em Affordable Housing Needs database, ASHE (LA), CACI PayCheck (COA)
  • Hi4em Affordable Housing Needs database uses the CLG Guidance for assessing housing need using secondary data. This should be used for comparison purposes and will differ from individual SHMA assessments which benefit from the inclusion of primary data and may not have included updated data.
spatial distribution mapping
Spatial distribution (mapping)
  • In the East Midlands:
    • 11 Housing Market Areas
    • 46 Local/County Authorities
    • 866 Wards
    • 2,732 Lower Super Output Areas
    • 14,105 Census Output Areas
  • In the Hi4em database
    • 938 Measures
  • = 247,000 Potential maps
    • Way beyond even our capacity!
shopping list mapping
Shopping List (mapping)
  • HMA Partnerships need to:
    • Review headline report
    • Compile a ‘shopping list’ of required maps
  • Shopping list =
    • Measures to be mapped across the HMA
    • Geographic level required – COA, LSOA or ward
  • Hi4em will supply maps and data tables for review
neighbourhood reports
Neighbourhood reports
  • HMA Partnerships need to:
    • Review maps and data supplied
    • Determine neighbourhoods to be subject of Neighbourhood Reports
    • ‘Neighbourhoods’ can be wards, lower super output areas or any combination of census output areas
  • Hi4em will supply data reports for each neighbourhood similar to those supplied for data at HMA and LA levels
other data sources
Other data sources
  • HCA has socio-economic and affordable housing development data
  • Existing plans, policies and strategies of LAs or HMA Partnerships are already backed by a wealth of evidence
  • Ward or neighbourhood profiles
  • Performance monitoring
  • Choice Based Lettings systems
  • Building Control
  • Property Management databases
  • Council Tax and Housing Benefit data
  • Hi4em cannot supply all your data, mapping and analysis requirements
  • There will be gaps – Hi4em will attempt to locate data that may fill gaps and look to find a source of funding to purchase regionally if there is a cost attached
  • Hi4em are here to help you but please remember that not everything can be done at the touch of a button. We are a small but dedicated team of three – please be patient