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English School 3rd

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English School 3rd. Beggining Welcome 3rd graders to the wonderful world of internet I’m sure that it will surprise you because in it you will find great things that will help you to learn in a fun way. INTRODUCTION

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  • Welcome 3rd graderstothewonderfulworld of internet
  • I’m sure that it will surprise you because in it you will find great things that will help you to learn in a fun way.


Do you know how to convert fractions to m, cm, dm, and mm? And to solve word problems too?...

Don’t worry because soon you will be a cybernetic investigator where you’ll discover with fun, challenging, and entertaining activities in places where cyberspace joints with the world of mathematics.

You will learn different conversions and strategies to solve real life problems and many other things too.



  • In this Webquest, You are in charge of completing your mission, because you must discover how to make conversion s(fractions to m, cm, dm, and mm. And vice versa)
  • Discover how to solve word problems and divisions in an easy way.
  • When you finish your mission , you will show your classmates your final conclusions.


  • Activities:
  • *If you could built your dream house, explain how many meters it will measure, how many rooms it will have and how much each room will measure .
  • * Make graphic aids showing: 1. house interior design, 2. Metric conversions (cm, dm, mm) of the walls, doors and windows in each room.
  • Make a model design of your dream house. Use the math process.
  • Show your results to your classmates.

* Investigate what fractions are, and make drawings where you can represent measurements as cm and mts. And create elements in which you can use operations with fractions.

*You can use modelling clay, cardboard/paper, and ribbon to show fractions



To be able to do your work you can investigate or research about it using the following links:






Consider the following rubrics to get your highest score



You have completed your mission successfully.

Remember that this didn’t finish here, you will continue helping me with other different missions