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  1. Parts of Speech: Definition: Verb to look through or glance at casually Browse Synonym: Antonym: check over, survey The store manager didn’t like having kids in the store because they tended to browse without buying anything.

  2. Definition: Parts of Speech: adjective not genuine, fake Counterfeit Synonym: Antonym: false, bogus Genuine, real When Chris was caught trying to buy candy with counterfeit money, they didn’t just call the cops; they brought in the FBI.

  3. Definition: Parts of Speech: verb Devour 1. to eat up hungrily or quickly 2. to take in eagerly (as in a book, a movie, etc.) Synonym: Antonym: consume abstain Word used in a sentence 1. Kimee devoured her sandwich in 30 seconds. 2. Last summer I devoured all the books I could find by R. L. Stine.

  4. Definition: Parts of Speech: verb to shake or destroy the courage of; to discourage Dishearten Synonym: dismay, deject Antonym: encourage Word used in a sentence The basketball team, usually in good spirits, was disheartened to learn that their opponents were undefeated.

  5. Definition: a symbol or sign Parts of Speech: noun Emblem Synonym: Token, mark, insignia Antonym: Word used in a sentence The olive branch is an emblem of peace.

  6. Parts of Speech: Definition: Adjective extremely enthusiastic Exuberant Synonym: Antonym: energetic, enthusiastic Depressed Sounds Like: My tubes are bent When Jorge’s sister came back from college, Jorge gave her an exuberant greeting.

  7. Definition: Parts of Speech: verb to prowl or lie hidden, as though about to attack Lurk Synonym: Antonym: creep, sneak, snoop Sounds Like: Perk Don’t pretend you weren’t listening; I saw you lurking in the shadows.

  8. Definition: Parts of Speech: adjective Mellow soft, gentle, pleasant Synonym: Antonym: easy, relaxed harsh, hard Sounds Like: Jello Word used in a sentence Beyoncé painted her entire house in mellow colors.

  9. Definition: Parts of Speech: verb to excite to action Pique Synonym: increase Antonym: decrease Sounds Like: cheek Word used in a sentence The short movie trailer really piqued my curiosity about the film.

  10. Definition: to pull off or out; to pick Parts of Speech: verb Pluck Synonym: Snatch Antonym: insert Sounds Like: truck Word used in a sentence The chicken meat you get from a supermarket comes from chickens that have been plucked by a machine.

  11. Definition: Parts of Speech: verb Ponder To think about; to consider carefully Synonym: Antonym: Contemplate, reflect Forget, ignore Rhymes with: Wander Kyle likes nothing more than to pour a tall glass of lemonade, sit on his porch, and ponder the meaning of life.

  12. Definition: Parts of Speech: verb Presume To assume; to take for granted, suppose Synonym: Antonym: Believe, figure disbelieve Rhymes with: Costume I saw his crown and automatically presumed he was the king.

  13. Definition: Parts of Speech: Verb Patronize To treat someone as an inferior person Synonym: Antonym: Talk down to Show respect Rhymes with: Vandalize Word used in a sentence Patronizing us with his fake concern, our teacher asked us if we wanted pillows since it looked like we wanted to take a nap.

  14. Definition: Parts of Speech: Noun Preview Something seen in advance Synonym: Antonym: Sneak peek Rhymes with: Hebrew Word used in a sentence Fans were treated to a preview of the game when a handful of players scrimmaged on the field.

  15. Definition: To move back or drop to a lower level Parts of Speech: Verb Recede Synonym: Antonym: Withdraw, decline Advance, decrease Rhymes with: agreed Word used in a sentence Once Clive turned 50, his hairline started to recede.