Getting To Know QA Tester And QA Engineer
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Getting To Know QA Tester And QA Engineer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Get to know the duties and responsibilities taken by a QA tester and QA engineer. Read on.

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Getting to know qa tester and qa engineer

Getting To Know QA Tester And QA Engineer

For some reasons, we all wanted to be assured of the quality of the product or the service we intend to

buy or ask for, as much as we want to make sure that our reputation would not be at stake with the

quality assurance of the ones we offer.

Good thing, we can be guided by different types of testing like automation testing, regression testing,

and integration testing. The question now is, to whom shall we entrust the induction of these processes

to keep certain of ourselves that we really get the level of quality we deserve or intend to deliver to our

valued customers.

QA tester and QA engineer are simply two people involved in the mentioned process.

QA Tester

As the name suggests, a QA tester is someone to take over the responsibility of running a test to

guarantee quality of product or service. This person can also be referred to as QA technician.

Once a person is given this kind of duty, he is expected to perform list of task in regards with debugging,

tuning and testing the fineness of system. In order for someone to perfectly fit on this job, he must be

analytical and methodical with analyzing details. Too, he must possess substantial technical knowledge

on the software, system or product being tested.

In addition to what was earlier listed, a QA tester should be able to identify the flaws and issues in all


The ability to focus to work is also essential characteristics as lack of this can result on failure on the

entire testing progression.

QA Engineer

Most often than not, this person is confused and interchangeably used to addressed a QA tester.

However, there is a line that separates the work of these two individuals. While QA tester is responsible

with verifying the function of the system, a QA engineer is hired to check design, structure and required

specifications, This is the reason why QA engineer go hand-in-hand with the QA tester so in case there

are timely changes that need to be applied, the first can inform and guide the latter of these.

The use of source tools and interpretation of codes are also included on the list of the job description

and responsibilities of the QA engineer.

In order for a person to be hired for this position, he must have the degree related to the nature of the

work. Enough knowledge on system coding and tools is also a must.

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