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Chili-Lime: Elicit Herbal Chew PowerPoint Presentation
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Chili-Lime: Elicit Herbal Chew

Chili-Lime: Elicit Herbal Chew

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Chili-Lime: Elicit Herbal Chew

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  1. Chili-Lime Elicit Herbal Chew

  2. Product Description • Introducing Elicit’s new herbal chew… Chili-Lime. We decided to try to make something different than the traditional flavors of tobacco chew. Chili-Lime starts with the same base that is used in all of our delicious chews and then is infused with the perfect blend of both chili and lime to make this our most intriguing flavor yet. Chili-Lime is available in the same strengths as the rest, Full Strength, Half Strength and Zero nicotine.

  3. Product Description • Chili-Lime is a great flavor for those who like to mix things up. This herbal chew has great spit-ability and a very long lasting flavor. As with all our herbal chews, chili-lime does not contain any carcinogens or harmful chemicals, except nicotine in half and full strength, keeping you worry-free as you go about your day.

  4. Product Description • All of our herbal chews are designed to help you kick the habit of using smokeless tobacco. We believe that anyone can quit if they are given the right tools. Here at Elicit we stand beside our product and those that have used Elicit Herbal Chew to quit using chewing tobacco. Give Chile-Lime a try today, it might just be unique enough to get you off smokeless tobacco.

  5. Cinnamon • SNGL $3.99 | 5PK $19.45 | 10PK $36.90 • Weight .12lbs • Elicit Chili Lime is meant to be an alternative flavor for straight smokeless tobacco users. This tangy blend of lime and chili spice is a touch of the southwest that really sets this chew apart.

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