stay safe in cyberspace n.
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Stay Safe in Cyberspace PowerPoint Presentation
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Stay Safe in Cyberspace

Stay Safe in Cyberspace

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Stay Safe in Cyberspace

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  1. Stay Safe in Cyberspace By: Mrs. Marple

  2. Never • Give out personal information. Such as: • Your home address • Your phone number • The name and location of your school I live at 1400 North Mountain Rd, Harrisburg, Pa

  3. It’s a Secret Only tell your Mom and Dad your password!!!

  4. Send a picture of yourself to a stranger • Put your picture on any websites Never

  5. Never Agree to meet someone you have met on line. They may not be who they say they are. I’m Brad Pitt and I can’t wait to meet you!!

  6. True or False People can say anything online or through texting I’m 14!!

  7. Who sent this?? Open e-mails or attachments from people you do not know! Never Open e-mails from companies that you have not contacted first

  8. Ask your parents before Installing any software or downloading any programs Downloading music or movies Buying anything online YUM, YUM

  9. I’m Watching Will Grandma, your teacher or future boss like what they see?

  10. Respect Others Do not take or post pictures of friends in embarrassing situations Next time it could be you !!

  11. Talk Tell your parents, teacher or trusted adult if anything online or on the phone makes you uncomfortable

  12. Protect Against Cyberbullying Cyberbullying is when someone tries to hurt another person using computer technology They may use……

  13. Cyberbullying • E-mails • Texting • Instant messaging • Chat rooms • Gaming • Social network sites such as Facebook or MySpace

  14. Never Never send a mean message I DON’T LIKE MY MATH TEACHER Remember Once you say it, it’s out there

  15. Cyberbullying Do not open messages from someone who has bullied you.

  16. Cyberbullying What do I do if I get a bullying message? Show a parent or a trusted adult

  17. Cyberbullying Do not forward or answer a bullying message. I’m not answering this

  18. Remember Don’t write to anyone when you are angry. Do not retaliate or try to get back at a bully. Block messages from anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

  19. Sites to See • • •

  20. Be Cool! Stay Safe in Cyberspace!

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