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Why pay more for hearing aids than you have to PowerPoint Presentation
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Why pay more for hearing aids than you have to

Why pay more for hearing aids than you have to

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Why pay more for hearing aids than you have to

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  2. Free Introductory Appointment Hearing Aid Assessment Quick Hearing Check Consultations Diagnostic Hearing Test Tinnitus Assessment Lyric Pre-Candidacy Assessment

  3. 1300 586 104 Free Introductory Appointment Not sure about what we could offer you or do simply want to meet us to see who you are dealing with? Perhaps you just want to ask a few questions in person? If so, then this is the appointment for you. We offer you 15 minutes of our precious professional time with one of our qualified hearing professionals for free with no obligations or any strings attached.

  4. 1300 586 104 Hearing Aid Assessment Are you fairly sure you have hearing loss and might require hearing aids? Perhaps you simply want a second opinion on a hearing aid that was recommended elsewhere or are you looking to upgrade your current hearing aids? In that case, this is the appointment for you. Like all our other services it comes without any obligation to buy anything from us.

  5. 1300 586 104 Quick Hearing Check Do you have a sneaking suspicion that there might be something wrong with your hearing, but are not entirely sure? Perhaps you just want to prove to your family that they do indeed mumble and that there is nothing wrong with your hearing? If this rings true, then this appointment will tell you with absolute certainty, whether or not your hearing is normal.

  6. 1300 586 104 Diagnostic Hearing Test Now we are are becoming a little more serious. A diagnostic hearing test is indicated when you need to find out how much hearing loss you have and what the possible causes might be, to help rule out anything potentially nasty. Generally this test would be done on the recommendation of your doctor and involves a lot more tests as well as more time than a simple hearing check.

  7. 1300 586 104 Tinnitus Assessment Is that noise in your head driving you mad or are you simply concerned that you are hearing noises that others can't? Have you been told that nothing can be done about it and that you just need to get over it? In that case you need to consider this appointment as we do not only test for your tinnitus, but also explain in detail where it might come from and what can be done to reduce the annoyance of it.

  8. 1300 586 104 Lyric Pre-Candidacy Assessment This appointment is used to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the Lyric Extended Wear invisible hearing aid.

  9. Contact Us: Perth Hearing Clinic, WA Email: Address: Suite 7, 16 Kearns Crescent Ardross , WA , 6153 Call: 1800 157 429 (08) 6102 6861 Website: Hitesh