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Lesson 6 Review

Lesson 6 Review

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Lesson 6 Review

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  1. Lesson 6 Review On the Banks of Plum Creek

  2. What does ma do that shows going to town is important? She makes a new dress for Carrie. She puts on makeup. She makes herself a new bonnet.

  3. This story is most like what type genre? Poetry Historical Fiction Non-fiction

  4. What is the girls’ biggest problem in the story? The cattle are destroying and eating the haystacks. The cattle ran away. The pigs are destroying and eating the haystacks.

  5. Why does Laura like wolves more than cattle? The wolves are not destroying the haystack. Wolves are much smaller than cattle. Wolves are nicer than cattle.

  6. Why does Laura shout at Johnny Johnson? She wanted to be his girlfriend. She was mad at him. She wanted him to pay attention to the cattle.

  7. Why do Laura and Mary argue? Mary wouldn’t cook for Laura. Laura wanted to play outside on the big rock, but Mary wanted to play inside the dugout. Laura wanted to go swimming, but Mary wouldn’t let her go swimming.

  8. Mary is calm, but Laura is _______ and _________. mean and hateful scared and sad brave and bold

  9. Why do the girls hug Ma after Pa saves her? They missed Ma. They are grateful (or happy) that Ma is safe. They are happy to see Ma.

  10. Essay Using complete sentence sentences, capital letters, and end marks. Be ready to write an essay telling what problems pioneers face on the Great Plains. You will need at least 3 on the test to receive credit. • A lot of wild animals that could destroy their things • Pioneer children had to stay home alone at times while the parents went into town • Had to go into town for supplies and it took at least a day • They had to store supplies for the winter • Used oxen and wagons for transportation • Lived in dugouts