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organizational benefits of salesforce community n.
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Organizational Benefits of Salesforce Community Cloud as a Web Portal PowerPoint Presentation
Organizational Benefits of Salesforce Community Cloud as a Web Portal

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Organizational Benefits of Salesforce Community Cloud as a Web Portal
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Organizational Benefits of Salesforce Community Cloud as a Web Portal

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  1. Organizational Benefits of Salesforce Community Cloud as a Web Portal Salesforce implementation for the organizational operations brings many benefits for the business partners and employees of the organization both. The partner or customer community portal introduced by Salesforce is just to provide the deep insights of the business operations to both the partners and as a result the business owners can run and execute the business operations in a better way. Not only partner communities, instead successfully implemented Employee Communities also provide the effective better and connected mean for communication with each other. Community Cloud portal of Salesforce is like a framework for the organizations, with which they can customize, optimizes and build their brand specific portal, which will be compatible with mobile devices as well. Successfully implemented Salesforce community cloud comes with community builder feature, which includes many templates and the user can easily customize these templates and even incorporate and integrate the data in these apps, from their existing system. Access to the the multiple communities provide streamlined access even through a single sign-on and identity of the user. These personalized communities can not only be set for the partners, sales channels and customers, instead they can be used for collaboration with any alumni, students, vendors, suppliers, job applicants and any agency for business success. Benefits offered by Salesforce Communities 1) Timely and Accelerated Development and Deployment of the Cloud The personalized and customized community portal can be build even within 30 days. Earlier any community portal have to be developed by the programmers, using an programming language like Java, .NET or PHP, which become a time taken process as they have to first understand the client’s requirement and then they develop that community channel as per the stakeholder’s requirement. Salesforce community cloud can be optimized for any corporate and as it uses the same platform, so no need to be worried about platform compatibility now. Thus the Salesforce community cloud can be implemented quickly and efficiently. 2) Budget Friendly, Technical Support and Predictable Cost As the Salesforce community cloud is a pre-built platform, which offers a number of

  2. benefits over any customized application platform, which may have to be maintained and improved timely as per the organizational requirement. It may be again a costly task to integrate the customized software with the CRM, marketing automation program and customer service solution programs. While the SaaS support by the Salesforce administrators, who are much qualified and experienced can provide better support and the organization can handle many resources in less budget and one do not need any IT expert, as the support can be outsourced by your Salesforce implementation service provider itself. 3) Responsive Platform The mobile friendly or responsive community cloud gives freedom to access the platform from anywhere at anytime and using any device. The organizations need not to build any separate mobile friendly component in order to use this platform. If the organizations will use any customized application, then they would need to customize it for every mobile device to provide better accessibility and user experience. So for Salesforce you can hire any Salesforce partner, who has the Community Cloud experts, who can easily and efficiently integrate the mobile platform with your existing system and you can use Salesforce successfully for your organization. 4) 360 Degree View of Customer Information Either you can use the basic integration technique or use any customized API integration for other backend systems to display the data, so that the relevant and appropriate customer information can be displayed by the CRM. It can provide the real time and real data or information whenever required. The sales reps or the employees of the organization can get the 360 degree view of their partners or customers and provide the best service and offers, even the customer grievances can also be resolved timely. The reports and performance can be displayed easily, using this software. 5)Know your Business Insight Details, Products and Services You can know easily what your competitors are offering to the clients and streamline the product, service and business as per latest customer requirement and compete with them. The advanced and integrated community platform gives you the freedom to

  3. provide a delightful and personalized experience to your customers, through which the success can be easily achieved by the businesses. 6) Connect and Collaborate with your Partner, Customers and Employees Use of Salesforce Community Cloud provides you a channel to be connected with any of your business partner, customer or employees. Partner collaboration through community cloud helps the organization in streamlining the business processes to get the mutual success. You can also get connected directly with your resellers, partners and distributors to increase sale. User can register new leads, update records, add more information and manage the funds as well through this channel. If we talk about customer service, then through community channel, you can provide a better customer service by troubleshooting their issues, providing them better service, you can also inform them about any of the new offer or to be launched service. Now your service agents can focus on other issues, rather than resolving the complaints of customers. Building the employee community provides the similar benefits, as of partner and customer channel or communities. It can be a one stop shop through which the employees can review their schedule, log the cases, manage the expenses and record the, and search the knowledge databases along with collaborate with their co-workers. So implementation of Salesforce community cloud, with the help of your Salesforce service provider, you can integrate the Salesforce community cloud with your existing CRM and get the success in your business. Ref: - business/organizational-benefits-of-salesforce-community-cloud-as-a-web-portal/