ios 11 update all the features and issues n.
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iOS 11 update - All the Features and Issues You Need to Know About PowerPoint Presentation
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iOS 11 update - All the Features and Issues You Need to Know About

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iOS 11 update - All the Features and Issues You Need to Know About - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ios 11 update all the features and issues

iOS 11 update: All the Features and Issues

You Need to Know About

iPhone has always been a favorite of many people around the world and

the figure is in millions and billions! With more and more people getting

to use iPhones, we see that iOS

iOS app

app developers

developers are in more and more

demand. The apps that are engaging and interactive enough are sure to

gain more audience and users around the world.

It’s a major fact that each iPhone user is always excited to know about

the latest updates in the iOS versions that Apple reveals at its Annual

WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). The company showcased its

latest iOS 11 version in June 2017. As the case would be, the users had

already speculated the changes in the upcoming version based upon the

hints thrown by Apple Inc.

Not only the Apple users, who else than these are excited are the tech

bloggers who are always up with the speculations of the upcoming or

current iOS versions. Market research analysts as well as Hire

Hire iOS

iOS app



developers always want to be the first to come up in front of their readers

with the latest updates and features of every new released version of iOS.

Here, we have come up with some genuine changes in the last few

versions of iOS that have been really important to the iPhone users

around the world.


Features that

that were

were speculated

speculated in in iOS

iOS 11

11 version

version are:


iCloud voicemail, improved maps app, a brand new video sharing app,

Siri with a more natural sounding voice, dark mode, dark mode and to

check the availability of contacts along with

check the availability of contacts along with some other features were the

most forecasted features of iOS 11 and let’s see which of these or other

came out to be true in the version released by Apple inc. Seems like iOS

app developers are surely influenced by the updates because they have to

create the apps according to the latest versions released.

It was speculated that almost 200,000 apps would become obsolete with

the coming of iOS 11 and it seems it surely did had an impact but not too

worst an impact. Here are the real features of this version.

First of all, we will talk about the modifications in the Control

Control Center

Center. .

The screen is no longer divided into multiple screens saving your

annoyance and frustration. Customization of the Control Center is also

possible now.

Now, there is a 3D

3D touch

touch integration

integration, which is a very advanced and

time-saving feature in the iOS 11 version. You no longer have to open the

Settings app to perform the functions because you can do it all from 3D

touch integration.

If we talk about the Notification

Notification Center

Center, this center has been merged into

the lock screen which may be an issue with those who think that it is an

intrigue into their privacy and so not much liked by many users. You see

a lock screen when you swipe below.

So, these are the features that have been incorporated into iOS 11 release

and we will keep discussing about further updates and releases. Stay