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All You Want To Know About iOS 8.3

Here in this presentation I have discussed all the features available in iOS 8.3 in detail. I also compare iOS 8.2 with iOS 8.3. So you can get all the information about iOS 8.3 at one place in this presentation.

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All You Want To Know About iOS 8.3

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  1. All About By A Mobile App Development Platform

  2. New Release : iOS 8.3 • Apple released iOS 8.3, the third major update to iOS 8 • Seeded to developers in February and to public beta testers in mid-March, iOS 8.3 brings several new features and design tweaks to the operating system. • iOS 8.3 is available immediately as an over-the-air download. Xcode 6.3 is also available, as is a 7.2 update for the Apple TV and a 1.2 update for Swift, Apple's programming language.

  3. Improved performance for • App launch • App responsiveness • Messages • Wi-Fi • Control Centre • Safari tabs • 3rd-party keyboards • Keyboard shortcuts • Simplified Chinese keyboard

  4. New iPhone Emoji in iOS8.3 • Apple adds over 300 new iPhone emoji in iOS 8.3. • There are new Emoji like the Apple Watch and a new Mac, but most users will focus on the addition of more family choices including more kids, families of two men or two women and now there is an option to change the skin tone of many emoji.

  5. iCloud Photo Library • Apple pulls the beta tag off iCloud Photo Library and with iOS 8.3 and the new OS X 10.10.3 update that adds Photos to Mac you can now keep all of your photos in iCloud and access them from any device including the edits you make.

  6. iPhone Space Bar Fixes • Apple finally fixed the space bar on the iPhone so that you don't end up with periods instead of spaces when searching for things in Safari. The new space bar in iOS 8.3 is wider and the period is smaller so you will hit space when you need to and actually get the search results and search suggestions that you want. • This is a small fix, but it's one that we are happy to see, especially for those of us who use the iPhone 6 Plus where the problem was more noticeable.

  7. Wireless CarPlay • While Apple CarPlay is still not widely used, the iOS 8.3 update adds support for wireless CarPlay. CarPlay is Apple's in car solution to put the most important iPhone information including messages, maps, music and Siri on your dash. • Until now users needed to plug in with a Lightning cable for this to work. With this update vehicles that support wireless CarPlay will now work even when the iPhone is still in your pocket.

  8. iOS 8.3 Performance Upgrades • Apple delivers performance fixes for major iPhone and iPad features and tasks. With the iOS 8.3 apps should start faster and be more responsive. Apple also boasts that Messages, Control Center, Safari Tabs and WiFi are all faster in iOS 8.3. • Keyboard shortcuts should work better and third-party keyboards are now much faster to switch to and to use. We'll be testing just how much better the update is, but so far the iOS 8.3 vs iOS 8.2 performance is way better for third-party keyboards.

  9. iOS 8.3 Fixes iOS 8.2 WiFiProblems • Consumers complaining about iOS 8 WiFi problems and iOS 8.2 WiFi problems may find some relief from this update. Apple specifically mentions fixes for WiFi problems. • Time will tell if this can actually fix what some call the WifriediOS 8 bug. Apple says the iOS 8.3 update, "Addresses an issue where some devices disconnect intermittently from Wi-Fi networks." • This will also fix Bluetooth problems and an issue where the iPhone continuously asks for login information.

  10. Landscape Orientation Issues • Addresses an issue that sometimes prevented rotating back to portrait after having rotated to landscape • Improves performance and stability issues that occurred when rotating the device between portrait and landscape • Fixes an issue where device orientation appeared upside down after pulling the iPhone 6 Plus from your pocket • Resolves an issue that sometimes prevented apps from rotating to correct orientation after switching apps in multitasking

  11. New Messages Options • Another place you'll find visual changes in iOS 8.3 vs iOS 8.2 is the messages app. • Apple adds two helpful features that will help you avoid spam texts and to keep conversations organized. • Go to Settings -> Messages -> Filter Unknown Senders and Tap On. This will toggle the settings so that you can see contacts and text messages in one section and unknown senders in another area.

  12. Apple Pay & PassBook • If you use Apple Pay heavily as a high-tech credit card and you use Passbook for loyalty cards and other passes you'll appreciate the new separation that makes it easier to identify Apple Pay cards and Passbook passes and gift cards. • This is a small change, but with more Apple Pay banks and Apple Pay stores it's one that Apple Pay users will appreciate. • The Apple Watch will bring Apple pay support to the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s -- but you'll need the Apple Watch to make the actual payment.

  13. iOS Photo Albums • When you are looking at your albums in the Photos app on iOS 8.3 you'll now see a small icon in the preview image that identifies what the album contains. this may be panoramas, burst photos, slow motion or time-lapse. • There are some albums that contain multiple types and don't show these icons. These only show up on the main Albums page, and we did not see them in iPhoto events and shared albums.

  14. Siri Speakerphone Calls • You can now place calls using Siri directly to speaker phone. This is handy if you are on the go or if you have Hey Siri turned on and are charging the iPhone at your desk. • Just say, "Siri call contact name on speaker.“ • Siri will verify the phone number if needed and then will call the contact and start the call on speaker phone. You can switch back to regular iPhone mode by tapping on the screen.

  15. Better Google Logins • Apple finally makes it easier to use Google with two-factor authentication in iOS 8.3. With this update you will be able to enter in the information without making an app specific password, much like you could already do in Google apps for the iPhone and iPad like Gmail or Google Search. • This is a small change, but it is awesome for Google users who use the added security of two-factor authentication.

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