climate change and governance n.
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Climate Change and Governance

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Climate Change and Governance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Climate Change and Governance. Orlando Mercado, PhD Secretary General Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA). It is not only about the weather or the environment. It is about governance: Who controls resources; how and why decisions are made.

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climate change and governance

Climate Change andGovernance

Orlando Mercado, PhD

Secretary General

Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA)


Strategic vision, accountability, transparency, rule of law, empowerment and meaningful participation are the tools for adopting to climate change.

risk communication

Risk communication

Hazard + outrage = risk

(Peter Sandman, 1991)

Perception of injustice, neglect

challenges in the philippines
Challenges in the Philippines
  • Politics of personalities
  • “It’s the economy, stupid”
  • Cultural fatalism - “Bahala na”
  • Weak political institutions
  • Unbridled population growth

In the Philippines, climate change will have its most profound impact on the poor who live in low-lying and coastal areas that are already prone to flooding and vulnerable to typhoons.


Climate change will compound the problem of poor housing and shelter for close to a fourth of the population (22 million) who live in informal settlements and slums in cities.


Without serious reforms in land use policy, energy policy and improvements in governance, the quality of life of the next generation of Filipinos will be held hostage by the cycle of poverty-disasters-disease.