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GDEcD Tourism Media Campaign FY 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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GDEcD Tourism Media Campaign FY 2007

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GDEcD Tourism Media Campaign FY 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GDEcD Tourism Media Campaign FY 2007. Presented 11/17/06. Objectives. Marketing Objectives Beat Pennsylvania! Increase international visitation by 2% Increase visitation to GA from previous year (TIA) by 2% Increase percent of visitors to Georgia that spend the night by 2%

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GDEcD Tourism Media Campaign FY 2007

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Presentation Transcript
  • Marketing Objectives
    • Beat Pennsylvania!
    • Increase international visitation by 2%
    • Increase visitation to GA from previous year (TIA) by 2%
    • Increase percent of visitors to Georgia that spend the night by 2%
    • Increase expenditures in Georgia above the national average by 1%
    • Increase share of GA Residents’ Tourism expenditures by 5%
    • Increase GA’s market share within US and among footprint states by 5%
  • Advertising Objectives
    • Increase awareness of GA as a tourism destination
    • Increase website visits by 5%
    • Motivate consumers to order a Travel Guide
    • Motivate sign-ups for the Georgia Dream Pass
relevant statistics
Relevant Statistics
  • 42% of US residents take in-state trips
  • 37% of Georgians take in-state trips (49% are in our 6 footprint states)
  • 30% of US residents take 5+ weekend trips (1 trip is with kids)
  • 42% of US make last minute plans (Less than 2 weekends out)
  • Most trips are within 300 miles of home (4-5 hours)
  • 30% of US travelers take advantage of coupons
  • 35% of all trips are 1-2 nights
fy07 marketing segments
FY07 Marketing Segments
  • Awareness
  • Golf
    • Dream Pass
  • Heritage
    • Civil Rights, Civil War, Antebellum, Architecture
target audience
Target Audience

Awareness Campaign:

  • Primary Target:
    • Women 25-54 with families
    • HHI $60,000+
    • Interested in vacation travel
  • Secondary Targets:
    • African-Americans
    • Other minorities
target audience1
Target Audience

Golf: Avid and Core Golfers

Source: PGA of America

target audience2
Target Audience

Heritage Tourism:Purposeful & Sightseeing Cultural Travelers

  • Age 35-54: Avg. age of 49 (20% are retired)
  • Baby Boomers: Account for 41% of all heritage/cultural trips
  • HHI of $75,000+: Account for 1/3 of annual heritage/cultural trips
  • College Educated: Account for 60% of heritage/cultural trips
  • Families: 1/3 of heritage/cultural trips are from HH with kids
  • Southeast Source Markets(500 mile radius - a gas tank away)
    • Georgia(Encouraging Atlanta residents to explore other GA destinations)
    • Alabama
    • Florida
    • North Carolina
    • South Carolina
    • Tennessee
timing seasonality
  • Awareness Campaign:
    • April through June 2007
  • Golf / Dream Pass Campaign:
    • March through June 2007
  • Heritage & Cultural Tourism Campaign:
    • February through July 2007
media mix
Media Mix
  • Awareness Campaign:
    • Network Cable
    • Georgia Media (TV, Radio, GPB, Newspaper, ABC)
    • Other (STS, CMG Publications)
  • Golf / Dream Pass Campaign:
    • National and Regional Golf Publications
    • The Golf Channel
  • Heritage Tourism Campaign:
    • Historical / Heritage Magazines
    • African American / Civil Rights Publications
    • The History Channel
awareness media
Awareness Media
  • Overview
  • 87.3 million households
  • Viewers pay more attention to network's commercials
  • Viewers say network has less commercial clutter
  • Viewers say network has higher quality commercials
  • Viewers believe network “entertains as it informs”
  • Viewers say programming is “innovative and creative”
  • Broadcast billboards throughout 6-week schedule
  • Programming includes:
  • Weekend Getaways, Taste of America, Made in America, On the Map, Destination USA, Travel Channel Secrets, Travel Channel Hot Spots, 5 Takes USA, Cityscapes, Globe Trekker.
golf and awareness media
Golf and Awareness Media


  • CNN: 89.0 million households
  • Headline News: 67.0 million households
  • In terms of cumulative Nielsen ratings, CNN rates as America's #1 cable news network
  • CNN reaches 4 out of 5 US households
  • News is the most popular television genre among C-Suite executives; 80% of C-Suite executives watch news on a regular basis over other forms of programming
  • Bonus spots on Airport Network

Programming includes:

American Morning, Larry King Live, Paula Zahn Now, The Situation Room,

Anderson Cooper 360

awareness media1
Awareness Media


  • 89.6 million households
  • 72% of viewers say they trust advertisements on Food TV
  • Food TV viewers are 13% more likely to play golf than the average person in the US
  • Recommended campaign would establish a dominant position in primetime travel and Georgia related food programming
    • $40 a Day
    • Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels
    • Paula’s Cooking Party “NEW”
    • Good Eats
  • Broadcast billboards in $40 a Day and Paula’s Cooking Party throughout 6-week schedule
heritage media
Heritage Media


  • 88.7 million households
  • Programming related to historical events and people, often with re-enactors, interviews with witnesses and observations & explanations by noted historians
  • Highly educated audience
  • Programs highlight historical coverage of Civil Rights, Architecture and the Civil War

Programming includes:

Sherman’s March, The States, Voices of Civil Rights, American Eats

Hit the Road, Modern Marvels

heritage media1
Heritage Media


  • 69.0 million households
  • #1 network for travel to GA and AL among W25-54
  • Broadcast billboards and bonus spots throughout 6-week schedule
  • Strong African-American and women audience base

Programming includes:

Oprah, Oprah After Show, A Different World, The Tyra Banks Show, Ellen,

Living Single, Grace Under Fire, Mad About You

golf media
Golf Media


  • 70.0 million households (25.0 million of these are international)
  • Median HHI: $123,742
  • Spots will air in the following programs:
    • Live From Masters
    • PGA Tour - BellSouth Classic
    • Live From US Open
    • Golf Central Live
  • Flighting will be targeted around:
    • The Masters: April 2 through April 8
    • BellSouth Classic: May 14 through May 20
    • US Open: June 11 through June 17
awareness media in state
Awareness Media (In-State)

GA Public Television

Atlanta: GPTV TV-8

Albany: WABW TV-14

Augusta: WCES TV-20

Chatsworth: WCLP TV-18

Columbus: WJSP TV-28

Dawson: WACS TV-25

Macon: WDCO TV-29

Savannah: WVAN TV-9

Waycross: WXGA TV-8

GA Public Radio

Albany: 91.7 FM, WUNV

Athens: 91.7/97.9 FM WUGA

Augusta: 90.7 FM WACG

Brunswick: 88.9 FM, WWIO

Carrollton: 90.7 FM, WUWG

Columbus: 88.1 FM, WJSP

Demorest:88.3 FM, WPPR

Dahlonega: 89.5 FM, WNGU

Fort Gaines: 90.9 FM, WJWV

Macon: 89.7 FM, WDCO

Savannah: 91.1 FM, WSVH

St. Marys: 1190 AM, WWIO

Tifton: 91.1 FM, WABR

Valdosta: 91.7 FM, WWET

Waycross: 90.1 FM, WXVS

  • Atlanta affiliate for (NPR)
  • Affluent and educated audience
  • Consistent, loyal listenership
awareness media2
Awareness Media

“Georgia’s Hidden Treasures”

  • Overview
  • WSB-TV Channel 2 aired two programs featuring natural wonders
  • throughout Georgia
  • Featured destinations included:
    • Okefenokee Swamp
    • Cloudland Canyon
    • "Big Oak" in Thomasville
    • Gray's Reef off the Georgia Coast
    • The Little Grand Canyon
    • Lumber City
    • Altamaha River
  • WSB-TV ranks #1 in the country in local news coverage (AC Nielsen).
  • The program aired on Monday 7/24 8-9pm and on Sunday 8/20 from 5-6pm
    • 7/24 airing had a 9.0 rating (188,750 households)
    • 8/20 airing had a 6.5 rating (136,319 households)
golf dream pass media
Golf / Dream Pass Media
  • Overview
  • #1 Golf publication by circulation in the US (10% higher than Golf Magazine)
  • Average HHI: $141k+
  • Readers play an average of 70 rounds per year
  • Readers took an average of 4 golf trips in the past year
  • 49% of readers have played golf at a resort in the past year
  • 49% of subscribers have been to the Southeast in the past 24 months
  • On their most recent golf vacation, subscriber travelers to the SE spent
  • an average of 2.4 days playing an average of 4.4 rounds of golf
golf dream pass media1
Golf / Dream Pass Media
  • Overview
  • Weekly publication for the avid golfer, covering tournaments and players
  • Readers spent an average of $2,310 on their last vacation
  • Readers took an average of 3.1 golf trips in the US in the past 24 months
  • Readers took an average of 1.4 international golf trips in the past 24 months
  • 71% of readers are top management/professional
  • 22% of readers are C-suite executives
  • 80% of readers have a HHI of $100k+
golf dream pass media2
Golf / Dream Pass Media
  • Overview
  • Official publication of the Georgia State Golf Association (GSGA)
  • Distributed to 85,000+ GSGA members
  • 73% of readers are top level executives or small business owners
  • 79% of readers go on more than 1 golf vacation each year
  • Readers play an average of 86 rounds of golf per year
  • Readers spend an average of 28 vacation days per year
  • Average household income of readers is $261,000
  • Average spent on principal golf vacation is $4,145
heritage tourism media
Heritage Tourism Media
  • Overview
  • Editorial presents accurate, lively narratives which provide insights into the
  • significant people, events and places of the American past
  • Articles frequently focus on Civil War and Civil Rights
  • Published 6x per year
  • Circulation: 80,100
  • Magazine features include:
    • American Places
    • American Biography
    • American Almanac
heritage tourism media1
Heritage Tourism Media
  • Overview
  • Editorial focuses on every aspect of the national past to provide perspective on
  • both the present and the future. The subject matter can range from John Adams
  • to John Glenn to John Travolta, from the generation that founded the nation to
  • the generation that is so powerfully shaping it today
  • Circulation: 344,490
  • 77% of readers took a domestic trip in the past year
  • 46% of readers took 3+ domestic trips in the past year
  • 18% of readers spent $2,000+ on a vacation last year
  • 42% of readers visited the South last year
  • 75% of readers have a college degree or post-graduate degree
heritage tourism media2
Heritage Tourism Media
  • Overview
  • Editorial features travel, history, biography, science and nature
  • More than 36% of readers are in the Southeast
  • Smithsonian readers are:
    • Affluent (79% HHI $110k+)
    • Educated (72% college graduate+)
    • Professional (71% Managerial or C-Suite)
    • 120% more likely to have visited 5+ states in the past year
    • 105% more likely to belong to 2+ frequent flyer programs
    • 84% more likely to attend live theater
    • 65% more likely to take continuing education classes
    • 96% more likely to spend $3,000+ on a vacation
heritage tourism media3
Heritage Tourism Media
  • Overview
  • Magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Features on preserving America's historic places
  • Editorial focus on events of importance to cities, towns and communities
  • Special interests include historic properties, historic travel and education
  • Average household income of readers is $113,000
  • 73.6% of readers are college graduates (38.4% have post graduate degrees)
  • 94.7% of readers travel to historic destinations frequently
  • 89.2% of readers take an average of 5.6 overnight trips a year US
  • 27.8% of readers spend $3,000+ a year on domestic travel(US avg. is 2.9%)
  • 82.9% read Preservation for planning trips to historic places
heritage tourism media4
Heritage Tourism Media
  • Overview
  • Resource for active, curious travelers.
  • Features focus on domestic and foreign destinations, personal travel, places
  • to stay, photography, ecotourism, road trips, cultural events and travelers
  • 89.7% of readers are age 35+ (94% of visitors to Georgia are 35+)
  • 70% of readers are college graduates or post-graduates
  • 81% of readers have a HHI of $100k+
heritage tourism media5
Heritage Tourism Media


  • Editorial covers African-American history and culture
  • Circulation: 513,500
  • 82% of readers are college educated
  • 71% of readers said the Southeast was their most visited region for vacations
  • 74% of readers plan to vacation in the US in the next 24 months
  • 57% of readers consider “cultural heritage experiences” as an important feature for a vacation destination
  • 51% of readers consider “visiting historical places” as an important feature for a vacation destination
  • Distributed to African-American collegiate alumni associations
  • Distributed to 1,300 African-American churches
  • Distributed to NAACP, National Urban League, National Coalition of Black Women
heritage tourism media6
Heritage Tourism Media
  • Overview
  • Circulation: 30,000 throughout greater Atlanta
  • Targets the progressive, politically concerned, culturally aware, family-
  • oriented African-American executives, professionals and entrepreneurs
  • throughout the community
  • The magazine’s readers are owners of some of the nation’s top African-
  • American owned businesses, executives at Atlanta's private and public
  • firms and Georgia’s leading government and political figures
southeast tourism society
Southeast Tourism Society

STS “Mega-Campaign" Newspaper Insert

  • Half-page advertorial or display ad
  • Publishes April 1, 2007
  • 1.2 million circulation Sunday insert to 30+ newspapers

Georgia Spring Vacation Guide Newspaper Insert

  • Tabloid cover plus half page
  • Publishes May 6, 2007
  • 800,000 circulation
  • Bonus distribution at Georgia VICs (25,000)
  • Distributed in 23 major daily newspapers including those within the six footprint states
  • Campaign includes:
    • Cover art and title sponsor
    • Half-page advertorial
    • Vertical strip information on each page
    • Micro-site on
    • e-Newsletter and E-Zine
southeast tourism society1
Southeast Tourism Society

STS: O, The Oprah Magazine Insert

  • Full-page, 4-color advertorial or display ad
  • Publishes April issue 2007
  • Distributed to 600,000 magazine subscribers in 18 east coast states
  • “April Together with Family & Friends” Multi-page full-color travel insert
  • E-zine to subscribers and electronic reader service leads

Southern Living: “Soul of the South” - (Special Section)

  • Full-page, 4-color ad placement within this special section
  • Publishes in April issue 2007
  • Presented by the Southern Governor's Association (SGA)
  • Unique special section devoted to promoting the South’s musical heritage
atlanta business chronicle
Atlanta Business Chronicle
  • The publication will permit GDEcD to purchase this section and co-op it to six Foundation partners per issue
  • The package proposal includes:
    • A 2-page, 4-color spread that would consist of one ad page and a full-page of editorial
    • Ad page can accommodate 6 ads (4 5/8” x 3 7/8”)
  • Cost per issue: $6,420
  • GDEcD would provide 70 words of copy, photo and logo along with extra photos for articles. The articles are written by a Chronicle freelance writer with direction from GDEcD.
  • Requires 6-week lead time to publish

“Great Escapes”