2 nd meeting 18 th and 19 th may 2009 dissemination and valorisation plan
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VITA- Virtual Learning for the Management of successful SMEs

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VITA- Virtual Learning for the Management of successful SMEs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2 nd Meeting \_ 18 th and 19 th May 2009 Dissemination and Valorisation Plan. VITA- Virtual Learning for the Management of successful SMEs Leonardo da Vinci Project – Transfer of Innovation January 2009 – December 2010 2008-1-PTI-LEO05-00411.

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2 nd meeting 18 th and 19 th may 2009 dissemination and valorisation plan

2nd Meeting _ 18th and 19th May 2009Dissemination and Valorisation Plan

VITA- Virtual Learning for the Management of successful SMEs

Leonardo da Vinci Project – Transfer of Innovation

January 2009 – December 2010


action levels
Action Levels

1. Local or national impact

  • each partner is responsible to carry out dissemination activities in their national and local context, within their opportunities
  • each partner must develop a own clear and realistic valorisation plan

2. European / International impact

  • the partnership as a whole will produce dissemination activities with an international focus
national activities 1
National Activities - 1
  • Settle a network of regional and national organisations as participants in the project
  • This network should include:
    • Consultants and experts
    • Assessing bodies for the project national impact
    • Facilitators in the contact with targets
    • Target organisations: schools, training centres, VET schools, …
national activities 2
National Activities - 2
  • Prepare an “info-pack” about VITA project, in national language and disseminate in events, sent to stakeholders along with Enrolment letter at national level.. When possible on the national language
  • This “info-pack” was proposed to include:
  • - a A4 leaflet of 4 pages;
  • a triplet (1 page size A4);
  • a poster (available to be presented on conferences..)
    • Suggestions?
national activities 3
National Activities - 3
  • Participate in scientific and policy events refering to the Project topic
    • Present communications, promote workshops or present posters.
          • DIDA has already disseminated in 2 events.
          • Other?
  • All the participants must have a correspondent certificate as evidence
national activities 4
National Activities - 4
  • Organise meetings and workshops with local/national authorities to embed project’s results into Education and Training systems and Business organisations:
    • Distribute products
    • Negotiate future collaborations
    • Developing action-plans
    • Evaluate project’ impact in national context
national activities 5
National Activities - 5
  • Other dissemination and valorisation activities:
  • Press Releases on the most important facts of the Project, such as, launch of the project, publishing of web-site, release of reports, activities with organisations, project’ meetings, newsletter, events, etc.
  • Links on each partners official webpage for project webpage
  • Include VITA news in other communication products already exisiting in your company
  • Use on-line platforms to post news, e.g. eLearninginfo (EU)
international activities 1
International Activities - 1
  • Newsletters
    • 1st Newsletter is released - thank you all for the spreading!
    • 2nd Newsletter to be published until the end of June, the content must be developed by CIBB and sent to ESEB for graphic edition;
    • Proposals for the content:
      • Meeting in Finland
      • Development on the Profile – List of Competences
      • Enrolment of stakeholders
      • Participation in events and publications (see material sent by DIDA)
      • Related events
      • Pictures..
international activities 2
International Activities - 2
  • Project Website - Revision and Update
  • Suggestions under discussion:
  • Remind: all partners have login key which allow the edition of the web directly on-line: use it to keep the website “up to date”
international activities 3
International Activities - 3
  • Publication of article in scientific international review
  • Options to be discussed:
    • elearning Papers
    • Call for Chapters on the eBusiness book (João Varajão –UTAD)

(decision of content, writers and timetables )

international activities 4
International Activities - 4
  • Virtual Inauguration of VITA Learning Campus
    • Organise and animate a virtual inauguration of the campus
    • Promote the event and the campus, resorting to marketing and publicity opportunities in Second Life and in real world
    • Responsible partner: DIDA network
    • November 2009
international activities 5
International Activities - 5
  • Participation in a International event
    • Research results of VITA must be presented to the scientific community by presenting at least a communication in a international event
    • Communication must represent the Project and all the partners
    • Responsible for participation: IPB/ESEB
    • June 2010
international activities 6
International Activities - 6
  • Final International Conference
    • The end of the project will be highlighted in a international conference open to all interested
    • Stakeholders and associated partners must be present there
    • All partners are involved in organising and disseminating the event
    • Venue and hosting: UTAD
    • November 2010
  • Dissemination and valorisation activities are highly considered by EU Comission and Evaluation Committees of National Agencies, therefore, registsfrom all the activities must be saved and reported at interim and final report
  • Budget for these activities can be allocated to rubric “Other costs” or “Subcontracting”
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