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10 Major Challenges of Individuals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: DAMIAO, Harvey Jay V. BESARIO, Vince Christian C. LLAMERA, Jirah E. SABIJON, Angel Lou D. ZERDA, Bhea Jessa N. 10 Major Challenges of Individuals. Money.

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10 major challenges of individuals


DAMIAO, Harvey Jay V.

BESARIO, Vince Christian C.


SABIJON, Angel Lou D.

ZERDA, BheaJessa N.

10 Major Challenges of Individuals


  • Money takes part on human needs. It is considered as the primary problem of people. Because, money can buy everything that an individual is asking for. Others say that money is the root of all evil, but it still depends on how people use money

  • Learn how to earn money in a simple and clean way.

  • Just use it when it is urgently needed.

  • Budget your money properly.


  • Health serves a vital role to human lives. Our lives depend on our health. We need to be healthy for us to live with happiness. If we didn’t care for it, then the possibilities to survive will eventually decrease. We must be physically, mentally/psychologically, and emotionally fit.

  • We need to have proper diet.

  • Perform daily workouts.

  • Consult a doctor if necessary.


  • People greatly needs education. We must be equipped with ideas and information in different fields and aspects. This education serves as a process to become professionals in the future. We must learn how to count, write, and read. Thus, we must be educated.

  • We must give time and effort for studying. In short, strive harder.

  • Practice reading and writing even just at home.


  • Population explosion , seems to be a tale of horror for us people. This is one of the major reasons of food and water shortage in the whole world which leads to poverty. Competition on food supply and water shortage will happen because of overpopulation. There would be not enough space for living.

  • Apply family planning.

  • Join several campaigns, seminars and symposiums concerning overpopulation.

Food and water
Food and Water

  • Food and water are one of the major challenges of an individual. It plays an important role to human lives. This two are the primary needs of people. Without food and water, humans would not be able to survive in this planet.

  • To solve this challenge, we must adopt correct water consumption and budget the food supply.

  • We must also protect our natural resources for these are our primary sources of food and water.

Energy supply
Energy Supply

  • Another great challenge to us, humans, is the supply of energy. We need light and current, to perform our activities well without any interruptions. If there will be less supply of energy, then we can’t accomplish the tasks we need to be done in a specific period of time.

  • Learn how to use energy properly.

  • Turn off lights when not needed, especially during night time.

10 major challenges of individuals

  • Love, is a deep but meaningful word above all. It is a challenge for every human being, because love can start and end anytime and in various ways. Without love, there would be no peace and happiness found in the whole world. Without love, war will most likely happen.

  • Love one another for we are all brothers and sisters.

  • Learn to mingle with others and accept other personalities and characteristics.

10 major challenges of individuals

  • Basically, we need a job to earn money, to sustain our daily needs. Less job opportunities causes an increase on the number of jobless individuals. From this, we can say that job is also a challenge for us, in such way that our future also depends on our job.

  • We must study hard to get a good job easily.

  • We must learn how to work with others.

  • We must train and improve better our skills.

Time management
Time Management

  • Time management is the act of exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, and we actually need it. As of now, we own busy schedules. We usually forgot what we need to do next, making us problematic of when can we make those things we missed.

  • Better to have proper time management to avoid cramming and missing activities.

  • Prepare a list of your activities, and try to rank them.

Peer pressure
Peer Pressure

  • Peer pressure is very common nowadays. It is a big challenge to us, especially for teenagers. Peer pressure can also have positive effects when youth are pressured by their peers toward positive behavior, such as volunteering for charity. But, there are also negative effects like addiction to illegal drugs.

  • Be with those responsible people and be responsible enough.

  • Better know what you are doing.