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  1. Kickoffs Motion, Energy & Forces

  2. 1st Kick Off: 4/2/14 (A) & 4/3/14 (B) • A faster moving object covers • a. less distance in more time • b. more distance in more time • c. less distance in shorter time • d. more distance in shorter time • 2. Which of the following relations is correct? • a. speed = distance x time • b. speed = distance / time • c. speed = time / distance • d. speed = 1/(distance x time) • 3. _______ is the speed of an object and the direction of motion • friction • mass • gravity • velocity

  3. 2nd Kick Off: 4/4/14 (A) & 4/7/14 (B) What makes it harder to change the motion of a watermelon than of an apple? a. acceleration b. momentum c. mass d. velocity 2. When a train increases its velocity, its momentum a. increases b. decreases c. stays the same d. stops

  4. 3rd Kick Off: 4/8/14 (A) & 4/9/14 (B) Which of the following would NOT be considered a type of acceleration? a. speeding up b. slowing down c. standing still d. turning 2. The force that causes objects to be pulled toward the Earth is known as a. frictionb. gravity c. magnetism d. wind 3. What is the term for speed at any instant in time? a. average speed b. instantaneous speed c. constant speed d. variable speed

  5. 4th Kick Off: 4/10/14 (A) & 4/11/14 (B) 1. What is the distance covered by a car in 5 h if it is moving with a speed of 35 km/h? a. 175 km b. 150 km c. 7 km d. 1750 km 2. What is a force? 3. What is a balanced force, an unbalanced force? (your own words) hint: USE YOUR CROSSWORD THAT SHOULD BE COMPLETE

  6. 5th Kick Off: 4/21/14 (A) & 4/22/14 (B) 1. Newton’s first law of motion states that a moving object, unless it is acted on by an unbalanced force, will a. remain in motion b. eventually come to a stop c. change its momentum d. accelerate 2. What is a common unbalanced force acting on objects in motion? a. inertia b. acceleration c. friction d. speed 3. The force that opposes the motion of objects through air is called _________.

  7. 6th Kick Off: 4/23/14 (A) & 4/24/14 (B) 1. If you push against the floor, the floor will push against you with_____ force. a. equal b. more c. less d. zero 2. The rule to calculate Force is: a. mass/speed b. mass x acceleration c. weight x acceleration d. speed x acceleration 3. Sir Isaac Newton stated that for every action, there was:_________.

  8. 7th Kick Off: 4/25/14 (A) & 4/28/14 (B) 1. What is "position"? A. A type of contact force. B. A specific location C. A type of motion D. Another name for friction 2. For every ________ there is an equal and opposite _____________. A. reaction, action B. action, action C. reaction, reaction D. action, reaction 3. What is inertia? A. tendency of an object to continue doing what it is currently doing. B. The opposing force of gravity. C. Another name for unbalanced forces. D. The mass of an object.

  9. 8th Kick Off: 4/29/14 (A) & 5/1/14 (B) 1. A bug travels up a tree, from the ground, over a 30-second interval. It travels fast at first and then slows down. It stops for 10 seconds, then proceeds slowly, speeding up as it goes. Which sketch best illustrates the bug’s distance (d) from the ground over the 30-second interval (t)? 3. What is inertia? 2. What is the meaning of the slope on a distance versus time graph? acceleration displacement speed momentum

  10. 9th Kick Off: 5/2/14 (A) & 5/5/14 (B) 1. What is potential energy? a. the energy an object has due to its motion b. the stored energy of an object due to its position or condition c. the energy an object might have if it existed 2. What does kinetic energy depend on? a. the weight and volume of an object b. the velocity of an object c. the mass and speed of an object 3. Kinetic and potential energy both relate to: a. heat b. light c. motion

  11. 10th Kick Off: 5/6/14 (A) & 5/7/14 (B) 1.  As height increases, so does...? a. thermal energy b. kinetic energy c. potential energy 2. Which letter shows the ball has the maximum kinetic energy? (DRAW IN SJ) 3. The law of _________________ of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

  12. 11th Kick Off: 5/8/14 (A) & 5/9/14 (B) Which of the following would cause an increase in kinetic energy? A) increase velocity B) decrease mass C) decrease elasticity D) increase friction Suzie drops her ice cream cone on the ground in August. Soon, the ice cream will gain – A) thermal energy B) nuclear energy C) chemical energy D) electromagnetic energy 3. Most forms of energy cannot be converted into other forms of energy. A) False B) True

  13. 12th Kick Off: 5/12/14 (A) & 5/13/14 (B) What is the ability to do work? A. light B.Gravity C. energy conservation D. energy Energy is measured in: A. newton B. joules C. Horsepower 3. An energy transfer occurs when: A. energy forms matter as in the formation of the universe B. one form of energy changes to another energy form in the same object C. the form of energy remains the same type but is moved from one object to another

  14. 13thKick Off: 5/14/14 (A) & 5/15/14 (B) An energy transformation occurs when: one form of energy changes to another energy form in the same object b. the form of energy remains the same type but is moved from one object to another c. matter transforms to make energy in nuclear reactions Energy transfer by electromagnetic waves is called a. radiation b. nuclear energy c. heat energy 3. What is a simple machine that uses grooved wheels and a rope to raise, lower, or move a load? lever b. inclined plane c. wheel and axel

  15. 14th Kick Off: 5/16/14 (A) & 5/19/14 (B) Figure 1 is an example of: a) Inclined Plane b) Pulley c) Screw d) Lever Which of the following statement is true for Figure 1. a) b is the fulcrum, c is the resistance, a is the effort b) b is the resistance, c is the fulcrum, a is the effort c)b is the fulcrum, a is the effort, c is the resistance. d) b is the resistance, a is the fulcrum, c is the effort 3. A simple machine that is actually a kind of inclined plane is a a) pulley b) wedge c) gear d) balance

  16. 15th Kick Off: 5/20/14 (A) & 5/21/14 (B) Objects that are able to fall have what type of energy? A) kinetic C) potential B) radiant D) electrical 2. What should you do to reduce the amount of effort needed to lift something using alever? A) move the fulcrum closer to the load B) move the fulcrum closer to the effort C) move the fulcrum to the middle of the lever MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL 15 KICKOFFS